The goal for most businesses is to make sales and make sure they are making decisions that guarantee they can generate enough profits. Of course, that means finding leads and securing their conversion, in other words, lead generation. There are 2 big points of focus for your revenue-generating teams when it comes to lead generation—the quality of a lead and what they need in order to close the sale and get the deal. If you’re looking for a way to find out which leads are most likely to convert AND how to make the conversion happen, your best bet is to invest in data enrichment. 

At the core of the workflow for the average Marketing and Sales teams is to generate awareness and to bring in quality leads. These will then convert to sales opportunities and of course, revenue for your business. To help fortify the strategies, and your teams, many companies have turned to Salesforce. Adding Salesforce automation to your strategy will help to support marketing efforts, prospecting, and of course, communication between your teams. You will also benefit from enriched and improved data. With less effort (than the manual process), you get a good volume of good quality leads so your Sales team can close and conduct research on new leads and, ultimately, engage with new clients, qualify the lead, and then onboard them.

Here, we share how you can best leverage Salesforce for your data enrichment efforts. 

Leveraging your Salesforce benefits

Lead generation is a complex and repetitive undertaking as it requires following an intricate process and with this process comes different methods of approach and steps that only an expert can successfully do. What tasks can be supported with Salesforce?

  • Database management
  • Boost lead generation
  • Enhance your lead enrichment
  • Sales management
  • Process efficiency
  • Market identification
  • Improve lead scoring
  • Data analysis
  • Content syndication

Use the data found in Salesforce to refine your categorization and help to determine your ideal customer profile. You will also be able to direct your high-quality leads placed in Salesforce to the right sales reps and streamline your revenue-generating teams’ processes. 

Those who have adopted Salesforce as their main CRM have seen +29% increase in their decision making, +30% in their collaboration abilities, and +30% response time from potential customers. With these numbers, it’s no surprise that automation companies have adjusted their strategies to align with the capacities and benefits of Salesforce. At Wrk, our Hybrid Automation platform, has hundreds of Wrk Actions that can work directly with Salesforce. 

Use Wrk Actions for Salesforce data enrichment

When we discuss data enrichment or lead enrichment, what we mean is the process that your team uses to add key data to their lead list, outreach, and strategy in order to get the best and most qualified leads. In most cases, teams have relied on a CRM that can provide a 360-degree view of the customer you’re targeting. It also helps to make sure that your entire team has access to the same information so you can, collectively, work towards the same goal. 

Your day-to-day includes setting up and sending out personalized emails and social media messages. In fact, 88% of marketers use email marketing techniques for lead generation. Some of these techniques include having a bot, or human skilled worker—like we use at Wrk with our Hybrid Automation platform—set up to create (human worker), or simply deliver (templated email) the outreach of your choice. 

When over 53% of marketers spend more than half of their marketing budget on lead generation, you need to be making smart decisions that support your team. 

Every action in your process is captured in your CRM. Who you’ve called, connected with, or even who is engaging with your posts and emails. Businesses are quickly adapting. When viewed through a revenue-generating lens, the need for quick results and better quality leads is crucial. Enriching the data that flows into your Salesforce gives your entire team the ability to launch consistent and efficient campaigns at lightning speed, like sending an automated email when a customer reaches a determined milestone in your pipeline. This guarantees that your team is both timely and intentional about their communication. 

Automation extends your team, it doesn’t eliminate expertise

With remote work increasing and automation joining the support side of your teams (with chatbots), it is more important than ever to take on lead enrichment tools. Using external data compiled in your Salesforce gives you a competitive advantage and can unlock new opportunities for lead generation. Data enrichment, as you know, includes the most effective (therefore rich and high-quality) data available. A big anchor in that case, would be bad data. Something weighing you and your team down is old, messy, and confusing data. 

With any team, it’s normal that different methods would have been applied when storing or keeping track of customer and lead information. Have you ever had a situation where you followed up with a lead and then you find out that your colleague has already contacted that person? That’s a duplicate lead. As a result, even with Salesforce as your CRM, your lists can be subpar. This also happens when you’re merging profiles, contact information, etc., from different sources. 

You’re not alone, 83% of companies encounter challenges in cross-channel marketing, and inaccurate data is the main reason. 

That’s where our Deduplication Wrkflow comes in. The Wrkflow is set up to periodically detect duplications in mass amounts, in your existing data. Your team can then decide what the best approach is to maintain consistency and efficiency when dealing with the data going forward. When your team is dealing with hundreds, or even thousands of records, resorting to an automated deduplication tool might be your best investment yet to help with your data enrichment efforts! 

When a Salesforce integration just isn’t enough…

There are a few situations when Salesforce just isn’t equipped to handle your data enrichment all on its own. One critical situation is processing large amounts of data. Unfortunately, when you need clean and enriched data ‘yesterday’ it’s painful to wait and the heavy processing power is just not cutting it. If you’re going to be able to do some of it faster manually, then what’s the point? With Wrk’s Lead Management solutions, you can enrich, deduplicate, and even share leads and lead lists with your entire company quickly so you can get back to your conversion goals. 

We help you to empower your revenue-generating teams to score more leads and increase your conversion rate with enriched and high-quality data. You can populate your lead’s profile with key metrics like job title, company name, and even social media handles in seconds rather than hours. 

And what if you need to add a note in Salesforce that connects with a certain criteria like a certain role in the company, or similar opportunities? With Wrk, you can add any relevant information and details to your Salesforce contact, an image, a deal, or even an email template. 

Each Wrkflow is powered by the optimal mix of bots, APIs, RPA, and our own skilled human workers, matching the right tech for each task, joining forces with your team so the Wrk Actions can be set up to take on the tedious and monotonous parts of your day-to-day. Let us help you extend the abilities of your Salesforce. 

The first step to improving your process and maximizing the usage of a robust (and of course, expensive) tool like Salesforce is connecting with one of our specialists to see which Wrkflow or Wrk Actions are best suited for your needs. We can take your Salesforce funnels from great, to the best. 
Contact us today for a quick 10-minute check-in with the Wrk team.