When it comes to time-consuming tasks, finding quality leads ranks high. It can take more than a year to see a positive ROI from your B2B sales leads. However, one way to shorten the sales cycle is through automated lead generation.

Lead generation automation boosts your inbound lead generation strategy. B2B sales reps spend time cold calling potential customers, averaging 35 calls per day. Suppose you want to learn more about prospects from how they use your website or email campaigns. In that case, you need to automate your lead-generation systems.

How does automated lead generation software work?

Lead generation automation has several components. Before qualifying leads, you need to do market research to identify market fit and your ideal clients.

Add your B2B sales leads automatically to your client list. Our Lead Enrichment Wrkflow can fill in any missing client data from sources such as Crunchbase and LinkedIn. Our Market Research Wrkflow can reduce related manual tasks while collecting more data unavailable online using a hybrid (human and machine) approach.

You can start by understanding why a potential customer showed interest in your brand, content, or product. Evaluating the quality of the lead can be done through lead scoring. The scoring process decides who is most likely to buy from you based on their demographics and online behavior (among other factors.)

Then, lead generation automation can get rid of many time-consuming steps, like calling potential customers to follow up.

A sales-qualified lead is a customer that is a good fit for your products and services. This could be for a variety of reasons. It could be because they have a proper budget to buy from you and are open to chatting with your sales reps near the beginning of the conversion funnel. Many sales prospecting tools on the market help with this, allowing your human teams to focus their efforts on closing deals with your best leads.

Lead generation automation tips:

• Develop a strategy. Decide which parts of your sales process can be automated and which should be handled mainly by humans. Hyperautomation employs artificial intelligence to help you identify how to automate lead generation.

• Use lead scoring. It's a vital part of determining which leads to pursue. You can use our unique delivery platform to help accumulate leads, including our Lead Nurturing Wrkflow to increase success with your B2B sales leads.

Don't focus on the number of leads you have. Many people may express some interest in what you offer, but sales prospecting tools can narrow the pool to those more likely to make a deal. That's where you should focus your efforts.

Choose Wrk's hybrid automation (machines and humans) delivery platform. It can speed up lead generation and marketing automation tasks without requiring technical expertise! We can also connect you with the most popular tools and trends in the automation world while supporting your efforts through our human touch.

How marketing automation and lead generation work together

Before generating leads using visitor/engagement data, you need to draw interested parties to your products or services. Marketing automation tools, such as Wrk's Personalized Email Marketing Wrkflow and List Building From Social Media Wrkflow can help identify interested parties.

Once you've collected solid prospects, Wrk's automated Personalized Pitch Deck Creation can take over the task of manually creating sales presentations for each potential client. Even your telemarketing can be digitized, helping you weed out prospects that become dead ends.

Marketing automation can assist with every sale step, from the initial contact to lead generation to our Quote & Proposal Development Wrkflow. The benefits of automating B2B sales leads continue. Once you've made the sale, you can rely on marketing tools to handle tedious tasks, including client onboarding. Automation allows your customer success team to focus on retaining customers

Move more customers more quickly through the sales funnel

When you use lead generation automation, you spend less time finding and qualifying leads. This makes it easier to move them from prospect to customer.

By letting automation handle many manual tasks that bog down your sales teams, you can avoid sales bottlenecks that slow down the process at any given step. For example, robotic process automation (RPA) can speed up some of your daily tasks. You can save crucial time by automating steps like quote creation, client onboarding, and even sending custom progress reports using our Client Reporting Wrkflow.

2023 promises to be the year that automation gives you an edge! If you want to know more about how our automated lead generation can boost sales, book a discovery call for our automated services!