The only constant part of the digital world is how likely it is to change. New technologies will continue to help transform our work, even today. Many organizations have looked to new and innovative technology to solve staffing shortages, virtual events and platforms, and even client retention. Companies are looking to leverage automation, which brings its own challenges, questions, and, of course, benefits. One of the top questions is, if automation is ‘in,’ does that mean that the human element is ‘out’? Simply put, the answer is a resounding ‘no.’ 

Human ingenuity means workers like you and me still have a crucial role in every organization. Automation does not eliminate the need for humans—in fact, it allows the reallocation of the human skillset to where it's most needed.

The Wrk Platform

This is where our Platform comes into play. You’ll be able to see how automation simply makes room for areas in which human input is irreplaceable. By allowing automation to tackle repetitive tasks, your employees can optimize their inputs without being bogged down by the more tedious aspects of their role. It will also allow them to shine in the areas where their decision-making, intuition, brainstorming, and problem-solving are irreplaceable. 

With Wrk, using a combination of bots and humans, you can reduce your average time to enrich 1 contact by up to 39%, which helps your Sales team close deals faster, and gives them more time to nurture existing clients or find new ones. This also allows your customers to feel heard and taken care of by providing a meaningful and memorable experience.

How do you ensure that automated tasks complement your current (and future) team, as opposed to making them redundant? Read on to discover how to leverage automation without losing the much-needed human touch in your workflows.

Learn which tasks to hand over to automation

The first step in initiating the journey into leveraging automation is ensuring that you understand your client and customers’ needs. It will help to determine where humans begin and where automation takes the virtual baton. New technologies, such as automation and AI, are creating new opportunities in the workplace.

A concern is that by adopting automation, more companies will incur job loss. But they are not eliminating the role of humans—they are merely empowering employees to shift focus by unloading redundant tasks onto a delivery platform, freeing up time and space for optimization.

One of the many tasks that is easy to automate is client reporting, which can be done by parsing data into actionable insights. It will increase your communication touchpoints with your clients and allow your company to stay top of mind. Simultaneously, it will provide accurate data for your team, allowing them to strategize and make decisions or recommendations to clients based on this information. 

Our Client Reporting Wrkflows can help you easily improve your Customer Success strategy. Check them out to learn how!

Another example is how report and document automation can help your team create detailed internal or external reports and documents at scale. With automated reporting, you can empower your team by providing more time to review the results and create immediately actionable insights for your clients.

How your employees will interact with automation

Naturally, automation adoption does not come without its challenges and growing pains. Many of the aforementioned breakthroughs appear to be stated as ‘beyond-human’ solutions, but the truth is that the advancements allow humans to look beyond what they have been doing in the past and build on it. The ability to analyze and find the best solutions, frame, and plan out strategies will never be entirely replaced by machines. 

A very obvious irreplaceable requirement for humans in the workforce is where empathy and human interactions are required. Think of the important role of the Human Resources team; including the ‘human touch’ in the first introduction to a company is immeasurable in terms of employee retention, ensuring loyalty, and guaranteeing employee investment and engagement with the organization. However, your Human Resources team is not the only team to benefit from adding automation to its arsenal.

The main goal of your sales team

Look at your Sales team and their main goal to attract new clients and nurture existing clients. It's a great opportunity to leverage automation. What clients look for are personalized responses and interactions. They want to feel like they are getting a one-on-one, custom experience. According to research, 90% of consumers find personalized content very or somewhat appealing, whereas 91% are more likely to patronize businesses that provide individualized recommendations. It also helps your Marketing team to set up automated messages.

69% of marketers said automation could help reduce wasted time and 72% said that they would use the time saved to focus on higher-value work.

There are elements in all teams that can be streamlined with automation, such as updating profiles and important personal information. Setting up automated marketing emails will drive engagement and increase your nurturing funnel's touchpoints. With the addition of automated tasks, you’ll give your team more time to personalize emails, outreach, and follow-ups—enhancing the experience for the consumer. The opportunities to operate in parallel and leverage automation for your tasks are endless. 

You can take the exact same approach for your client onboarding process. For example, our Client Onboarding Wrkflows can help your team identify your new customers’ unique pain points to offer the best solutions/services, provide them with more time to create strategies that improve retention—and make sure that they’re looking at ways to find unique solutions with the gathered data. 

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Why you should leverage automation for your tasks

As mentioned, automation can take on repetitive and mundane tasks to allow humans to optimize and amplify efforts where creative solutions, brainstorming, and nuance are required. There are also things that automation can’t resolve on its own.

Automation is linear; it moves from A to B with no stops in between. It is best used when steps can be reduced to a single motion.
One task. One result.

Some tasks may benefit from having around-the-clock availability. Thanks to technology, global access is now at our fingertips, and different time zones and work schedules come with that. If your clients are in a different timezone and may need a quick touchpoint on their own schedule, you can automate sending out the update anytime. You can automate welcome emails and send them to new subscribers. These emails can generate as much as 320% more income per email than other promotional messages. 

Our Platform allows constant updates between cross-functional teams and your clients. We created the platform to break down barriers organizations commonly face when implementing automation by making it simple to use and with flexibility at its core. We’ve removed limitations and complexity to guarantee a successful implementation of the World’s first Delivery Platform. Hybrid Automation is faster, more flexible, and more powerful than traditional automation platforms. Another key differentiator is that at Wrk, you can automate 90-100% of the entire process, including routing work to our community of human workers. 

Redirecting and empowering humans with automation

You can use automated Wrkflows for many tasks, such as payroll set-up, client reporting, quote & proposal development, and employee provisioning. Our comprehensive and simple Wrkflow Designer will be your ally in integrating automation into your existing business processes.

We have a vast library of pre-configured building blocks called Wrk Actions that leverage the best technology to deliver work how you need it and add greater efficiency and scalability to your business. It allows you the freedom and flexibility to design your own unique Wrkflow. Once it’s live, you can sit back and watch the results in real-time to move on to finding creative solutions and digging deep into the information collected by any of the preset tasks. 

We work to find that delicate balance between human interaction and Hybrid Delivery. You can automate about 30% of the activities in 60% of all occupations. The goal of automation is never fully to eliminate the human component. To find complementary tasks, we simply help identify where human input is most valuable and unnecessary and would delay or de-motivate your team. When you leverage your automated tasks, your employees can move into areas that aim to grow.

Personalize your automated process with your team’s invaluable input

Customer Success teams put a huge emphasis on customer retention. It’s the best way to ensure sustainable growth for your business in an ever-changing environment. As an added bonus, customers can benefit from getting a response in a timely fashion and 24/7 the accessibility and availability of a Support team. 46% of customers expect companies to respond faster than 4 hours, and 12% expect a response within 15 minutes or less.

The promise of constant contact will provide peace of mind that there are no delays when needing a quick response to close or aid any of their customers. You can check in on customers and request and provide feedback by offering an uninterrupted customer feedback loop. You can also use that information to understand customer motivations better and needs well in advance to make any required adjustments. 

Our Platform allows for a customer-first approach without losing human ingenuity. It highlights essential elements you can only find with individual and personalized interactions guided entirely by people. 

Learn how you can use automation to fast-track and amplify your internal processes. Call one of our automation experts today!