This month we created the 3rd installment of our Automation for RevOps series. This eBook looks to help you cover those gaps that are left in your lead and revenue generation processes that can be filled with automation. The focus is on how to automate lead enrichment and client management tasks so you can focus on closing deals faster and more efficiently. 

Times are changing and teams responsible for generating revenue are being expected to produce more with fewer resources and less support. 

The challenges RevOps teams face today

Many companies are moving towards process-first thinking in order to generate revenue. This requires breaking down a problem into fundamental and digestible building blocks and finding solutions at every small step. At Wrk, we take the same approach. We break down steps in your business processes and add them to our library of Wrk Actions—automated repetitive steps to relieve your day-to-day workload. 

Sales reps are only spending around 35% of their time selling. They are spending the rest of their time on non-revenue-generating activities. 

In addition, currently, only 22.9% of reps follow any kind of structured time management methodology, so having the right data accessible across all departments at all times is crucial. 

Maximize your day-to-day activities with automated tasks

It’s no secret that time management is a huge requirement for finding success in roles that involve revenue generation. But when administrative tasks take up on average 14.8% of your time, you start to identify tasks that can be passed off to automation. 

A big chunk of time (33.2%) of Sales Reps’ time is spent on email and spreadsheet-related tasks. The ability to automate your outreach will increase touchpoints, communication, and consistency. 

Tools that provide automated communication as well as content management and list building are invaluable to get the most out of your existing team and will help to increase your quota attainment numbers across your entire organization. 

Learn how to drive your digital transformation efforts forward with automation today!

Avoid delays in your follow-up process

When 53% of employees state that they can save up to 2 work hours a day with automation, you need to take a serious look at what steps and internal processes can be automated across your different departments. And 78% of business leaders can free up 3 work hours a day.

What would you do with 360 extra hours per year? 

A lack of nurturing and touchpoints can make it 7x less likely that you’ll successfully qualify a lead and close a deal. These gaps are costing you money. The Wrk Delivery Platform is the world’s first of its kind where you can automate these complex processes, design your own Wrkflows, and empower your team to offload monotonous tasks like list building and list deduplication so you can focus on more valuable closing tactics. 

Align and empower your RevOps teams 

Too often companies are finding themselves in siloed structures. One vital step is to create goals that are aligned collectively and not dependent on individual success—and another is to make sure that all information is available and shared across every department. 

Wrk enables you to create your own custom Sales Wrkflows to acquire more leads. You can easily extract details from competitor sites, industry-best data providers, and even press releases to make sure that all information is up to date. Let Wrk do all the work when it comes to building your outreach lists, so you can focus on how to approach them, reducing your outreach to simple, personalized, and effective communication. 

Wrk will also help to sync your lead data from multiple sources and automatically transfer it to your Marketing and Sales CRM. This will allow you to standardize your data and processes across a variety of CRM campaigns leaving a positive lasting impression and higher retention with your prospects and customers. 

Curious about what else can be automated? Check out the 2nd installment of our Automation for RevOps series to discover 5 revenue processes ripe for automation! 

Scale your internal revenue generation processes

Not only are organizations looking to maximize the time of their reps, getting more out of the team they currently have, but they are also looking to the future and on how to back their growth with minimal additional costs. 

Automating mundane tasks is a great first step, however, if you cannot sustain the growth, and have these automated processes in place to operate long term, it will make it harder to scale once you’re ready. 

Harness the power of our Hybrid Automation Delivery Platform to expand your current RevOps team, as well as handle any scaling abilities that you may need. Allow your teams to catch a breath and work towards customizing and personalizing their communication and closing more deals. 

Want consistent and scalable results? Read more about how to fill your revenue generation process gaps in our eBook today!