The sales industry has well and truly moved on from what it used to be—a completely manual process. Powerful tools that can help your business grow and be successful have helped sales strategies worldwide. Look at the number of CRMs, lead generation tools, and even analytics tools entering the market daily. There seem to be new tools to help boost your sales opportunities popping up every day.

However, one element that will always be a part of the best sales processes is the human touch. Humans want to buy from humans, not machines. But we all know that salespeople spend far longer on paperwork than selling. According to PwC, 76% of organizations have switched to automation due to the shift to remote work.

Automated workflows are the solution to the madness. Imagine how much more time you'd have if lead generation, data management, and list enrichment happened without your input. We've created Wrk to free you from the mundane—so let's take a closer look.

How Automated Workflows boost your sales opportunities

We're well and truly into the age of artificial intelligence. It's completely transforming every industry—transport, healthcare, and finance—and it's changing the game for salespeople. If this RPA growth trend continues, RPA will achieve “near universal adoption” in the next 5 years.

Thanks to the latest automation technology, we've seen sales opportunities increase by 10 to 30% for adopters. The more menial processes we take off your hands, the more time you have to focus on closing those deals.

98% of IT leaders say automating business processes is vital to driving business benefits.

We designed our automated workflows to do just that. Lead generation campaigns can be set up with just a few clicks, from sorting through lists of possible prospects to adding relevant information to them. 

Ready to take a tour of our sales Wrkflows? We've got something for every step of the process (except the powers of persuasion!).

Deduplication to keep your lists relevant

Whether you're a business owner, a salesperson, or a marketer, you know how crucial it is to maintain clean lists and records. These are your leads, after all; you've got to keep all the details in check. Top sellers spend an average of 6 hours every week researching their prospects.

But when you start dealing with large amounts of data from hundreds (if not thousands) of clients, you suddenly run into the vexing problem of duplicate data. You don't want to go down the same path twice, do you? With our Deduplication Wrkflow, you won't have to.

Our Wrkflow instantly sorts through your lead lists and removes duplicate information, eliminating anything else that is redundant, too. Say goodbye to hours of manual data cleaning!

Lead Enrichment to boost your sales opportunities

Once you've got a clean list, it's time to boost it with relevant information. The more you know about a lead, the better your chances of conversion—and that's where our Lead Enrichment Wrkflow shines.

Our workflow searches the web for as much information about a lead as possible. Before updating your Salesforce database, it automatically gets the most recent information from LinkedIn and Crunchbase.

Armed with everything you need to initiate and land the sale, your team can dedicate more time to closing.

Sales Data & List Management to nurture the right relationships

We've cleaned the data and enriched it with all the correct information. So how can we make the sales data process even faster moving forward? 

Our Sales Data & List Management Wrkflow takes care of your entire lead retrieval process. When triggered, it uses your criteria to find a list of potential leads. It adds them as contacts in Salesforce automatically, using the information from LinkedIn and Crunchbase. 

List Building from Social Media Engagement

To salespeople, social media isn't just a method of communication or a source of entertainment. It's a goldmine. Your social media accounts are one of the best places to find hot leads. In fact, 56% of sales professionals use social media to find new prospects.

It's pretty simple: If someone is interacting with your posts, they're interested in what you offer. If you could find a way to reach these people en masse, you could boost the odds of landing sales without having to do any extra work.

74% of sales professionals who use social media to research prospects and their businesses say LinkedIn is one of the most effective platforms.

Our List Building from Social Media Engagement Wrkflow puts you in direct contact with your engaged users. It compiles a list of people who have interacted with your LinkedIn content. And then, from there, it sends out a templated message you can follow up on later. 

The Wrk Action enriches the list with data from LinkedIn before being added to your lead contact list. Suddenly, you've made contact with a crowd of interested leads—and you've got all their information to use in future interactions. Voila!

More Sales Wrkflows to Boost Your Productivity

Head to our Sales Hub to see all of the Wrkflows on offer. (We've got plenty of other useful ones, too!) 

Here are a few that might pique your interest:

  • Lead Nurturing. Automatically identify and research potential leads.

  • List Cleaning. Neaten up your lists at the click of a mouse.

  • Personalized Pitch Deck Creation. Generate custom presentations and receive feedback. 

  • Quote & Proposal Development. Draft proposals and provide quotes automatically.

Take it from us—there's no need to waste time on administrative jobs when powerful no-code automation platforms exist. With Wrk, you can devote more time to the essential tasks that make a difference in your sales. 

Ready to get started? Look through our Sales Hub and boost your sales to the next level.