Companies deal with an increasingly large data stream as part of their daily operations. The latest research shows that collectively, the world generates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. However, when it comes to data, quantity alone doesn't always get you ahead. This is where data management strategies help to organize and utilize your data in ways that can boost your efficiency.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is part of a Hybrid Automation strategy to assist with many aspects of data management, from client onboarding to performance analysis. It can be particularly useful in the Sales department, which frees up a lot of time dealing with complex data to focus more on conversions in the sales cycle.

Streamlining your sales leads

One of the biggest uses of data is to help generate quality sales leads, which help with your company's organic growth.

While traditionally Sales teams would approach potential clients largely through cold calling, it's mostly a waste of time according to the Canadian Professional Sales Association. In fact, only 2% of cold calls lead to sales appointments. You can narrow down the pool of potential buyers more effectively with sales automation.

One big component of automated sales processes is improving your contact data. While you may have collected a lot of information, it's not going to effectively target customers unless this data is accurate and complete across all platforms.

Wrk's Lead Enrichment Wrkflows achieve this by first reviewing missing contact data in Salesforce. They can then pull additional essential details from industry-best data providers. Our Wrkflows can also add specific data from LinkedIn, such as a particular contact's location and experience. With this data easily at your fingertips, you can make more intelligent decisions about who to reach out to first—while also freeing up time from manually messaging people all afternoon.

Eliminating duplicated sales contacts

When it comes to your sales contacts, duplication is a major issue. HubSpot says data duplication rates within companies can be up to 30% if they don't take data management measures.

Data duplication across your sales processes or other departments can cause issues including:

  • Contacting the same person/company more than once, causing them annoyance.
  • Showing the potential client you haven't done your research.
  • Wasting your Sales team's targeted sales efforts.
  • Confusing contact data that slows down the sales cycle.

Sales automation tools can clean up your duplicate data, so all of your teams have the most up-to-date, accurate information about a customer.

A Deduplication Wrkflow can pull your contact information from all the various platforms and databases you use and streamline it. It compares data from platforms including Salesforce, and merges it into one accurate file, so your data can all be stored in one location as opposed to spread out across multiple platforms.

At the same time, this data management tool will clear out information that's not useful or is repetitive. If there are no records available, sales automation can create a brand new contact and add any information about them.

Automating client onboarding

When you've closed a deal with a client, you'll want to provide your new customer with the best initial experience possible. Salesforce notes that 85% of customers expect regular contact, and that begins from the moment they agree to do business with you. 

Part of welcoming a customer is providing them with useful information that can be used to enhance their experience. Wrk's Customer Onboarding Wrkflow not only collects important details about your client, but it also automatically sends them a welcome kit allowing them access to important documentation and more. It will even set up a meeting with the client's account manager to review details.

Keeping contacts updated for repeat sales

Customer data does not end with creating a reliable list of contacts with the help of sales automation tools. You want to make sure you keep the most accurate, up-to-date info on your customers, without having to manually update their files.

Client reporting is an important way to interact with your customers. It can:

  • Show your clients how your products/services are performing for them.
  • Signal to the customer that they're still on your radar and you're listening to them.
  • Generate repeat business or referrals.
  • Help direct your internal decisions more effectively.

However, gathering client data is time-consuming when your Sales team could be focusing on reaching out to contacts. That's why Client Reporting Wrkflows are useful.

Using these data enrichment tools, you can automate the reporting process. Client data from Zendesk and other relevant sources can be collected and compared to the previous months' performance with highlighted insights. From there, a branded Powerpoint template is generated and automatically sent to the client.

This way, no clients get left in the dark about how their investments are paying off each month. At the same time, you'll take pressure off your staff to generate and send reports manually. This automated approach guarantees consistency without sacrificing accuracy.

Other ways automation enhances data management outside of the sales cycle

Data can be vast and complicated, which is why data management is important across all of your departments. For example, annotation is a data enrichment step you can take to classify different types of data. This makes the information more easily usable so you can make more informed decisions.

Data Annotation Wrkflows can classify products in your photo folders, adding product names to them and exporting the results. This saves time for your teams, while also providing opportunities for creative marketing applications. This is a key driver of the data annotation market, which is expected to reach a value of $3.4 billion by 2028. Companies are using these data enrichment tools across a wide range of industries, from automotive to healthcare.

Data migration is a tedious task that makes your team members shudder. It can be clunky and time-consuming, and could result in errors during the process. However, it's often necessary to move all information from an outdated platform to a more modern one.

Data Migration Preparation Wrkflows can also assist with the task considerably, including at larger scales. It can collect data from COBOL systems, while populating and cleaning up data (including deleting duplicate files). This provides much-desired breathing room for your teams, who can then focus on fulfilling tasks that require a human touch!

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