Lead generation is an ongoing challenge for most businesses; it never ends, does it? After all, you can only continue making sales if you have leads to turn into customers. 

But few jobs are as time-consuming as lead generation. B2B sales reps spend over 20% of their time just trying to generate leads. (If that doesn't alarm you, it adds up to about 2.5 months of the working year.)

So what can be done to make the process more efficient? What could you do with all that extra time?

The answer is automated lead generation, a method that lets you get leads with little work. Let's take a closer look. 

What is Automated Lead Generation?

As you know, lead generation is about collecting information about potential customers who may be interested in your offer. Automated lead generation makes this process easier by collecting and analyzing lead data for you.

In other words, instead of looking for leads by hand, automated software gathers information from several sources. It then sorts all the data to find the best prospects. 

It sounds high-tech, but you've probably seen or used at least one automated lead generation tool before:

  • An opt-in box on a website

  • A pop-up form asking for your email address

  • A quiz that collects user data

Any tool you use to generate sales leads without manual input falls under "automated lead generation." 

The Benefits of Automated Lead Generation

Automated lead generation can be a godsend for sales teams that are too busy to look for leads by hand all day and need more help. Here are some of the key benefits: 

  • Speed. A well-automated system can generate hundreds (or even thousands) of leads in minutes without any manual input from you. It's ideal if you need to quickly build your contact list or respond to a spike in demand. 

  • Relevancy. Automation helps ensure that the contacts you add to your list are interested in what you offer—something that can be hard to guarantee when collecting leads manually. 

  • Cost savings. Automated lead generation systems are much cheaper than hiring additional staff or outsourcing your lead gen tasks. They are also a more realistic option for smaller businesses. 

  • Efficiency. No-code automation tools free up sales reps' time. This time allows them to focus on closing deals instead of gathering data, making them far more productive and reducing costs per sale. 

Let's say you spend hours looking for possible leads on LinkedIn or transferring data from different sources to your CRM by hand. In that case, you need lead generation automation in your life. 

How To Generate B2B Sales Leads With Automation 

As a B2B company or sales representative, you're usually looking for a particular niche of clients, and the process looks very different from a B2C setup. It would help if you had enriched leads that are qualified, organized, and ready to be contacted. 

Automated lead generation tools are going to revolutionize the way you do business. Here are some examples of how you can use them: 

  • Analyze customer data to identify patterns and trends that point to potential leads. 

  • Set up automated email campaigns to nurture existing leads with timely, relevant content – this helps build trust and encourages prospects to contact you. 

  • Create targeted ads on social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook, which can be set up in advance and monitored for results. 

  • Integrate your lead gen tools with your CRM, so you can automatically add any new contacts to the system. Automation speeds up the sales process considerably! 

  • Use intelligent automation to collect leads from multiple sources and funnel them to the right contact person. 

Automatically enriched leads will increase your chances of contacting the right people at the right time. In the B2B game, it will mean the difference between missing your targets, meeting them, or exceeding them altogether.

Automate Your Marketing and Lead Gen

Here is your signal to automate your lead generation process and evaluate your entire sales strategy. What else could you be automating?

When you combine the power of automated marketing with automated lead generation, you unlock a world of potential. With integrated automation, you can build relationships with your customers and get information from them simultaneously. 

Your email campaigns will become more targeted. Automation will tailor your ads to each prospect. You'll even be able to track their journey through the sales funnel in real-time.

Ditch the Heavy Lifting with Wrkflows

Automated lead generation is an essential tool for modern businesses—it's fast, efficient, and cost-effective. We at Wrk are passionate about making automation accessible to everyone. (No coding knowledge required.)

If you visit our workflows page, you'll find no-code automation for every step of the sales process. Use our Lead Generation Wrkflow to extract new contacts from LinkedIn, then enrich the data with our Lead Enrichment Wrkflow to better position yourself when reaching out. 

You can automate your outreach as well. Set up your Wrkflows to automatically send emails to prospective customers. Use our custom trigger events feature to send emails after they've completed a specific action.

With our Lead Management Wrkflows, you can automate the entire process from identifying leads to connecting with them and landing the sale. 

Arrange a discovery call with us today to learn more!