What if you could type a few words into a prompt and have a beautiful image appear? If you didn't know already, you can now, thanks to a recent wave of AI image generators, including DALL-E, Midjourney, and NightCafe Creator.

There's nothing artificial about AI's sudden rise in popularity and how many of your competitors are considering using it. 56% of companies explored using AI technology, up from 50% in 2020. 

Sure, AI sounds fun, right? But as a business owner or decision maker, you might wonder what the point of it is beyond simple amusement.

Well, it turns out it can elevate your brand—if you know how to use it. Not only can you use generated images in your blog posts, but some platforms allow commercial use for use in ads and more. To be sure, it's essential to read the terms of service for any generator you use.

Let's take a closer look at AI images in particular and how you can best use them now—and in the future.

Create more eye-grabbing advertising faster

A commercially licensed creation means you can use AI for your advertising (and technically, also your website.)

Say you want to create an image for a blog post about wedding flowers that will make it pop. No problem! Here are four samples using the prompt "beautiful bride holding wedding bouquet in soft light" using Midjourney:

I can choose one of these options to improve the image even more, depending on whether I want to increase the resolution or make a change. In this case, I like the bottom right idea the best.

A graphic design team or a freelance artist can now make it look even better by adding your logo (which I created for this article) and some text. Like this:

Okay, so this sample is not a graphic design masterpiece. Hire a real graphic designer for the best results. But keep in mind that for this piece, I created the whole thing—from concept to ad—in under 20 minutes, which could save time and effort for your creative team.

Extend your brand even further using AI  

Commercial uses aren't just limited to your ads. You may even be able to sell merchandise with your AI images on it.

Imagine creating a unique brand image—free from copyright restrictions—and selling it on shirts or hats through an online store. Or, you could give branded items away at trade shows, which helps keep your company name in mind when a customer is ready to purchase. (By the way, almost 72% of trade show attendees remember the name of the company that gave them free stuff.)

Speaking of trade shows, you could use AI to help create elements of your trade show booth graphics—or an entire scene in AI:

Of course, you can use your existing logo on merchandise, assuming you have one. If not, this is another reason to hire a pro. However, AI is another option to create something that reflects your brand without reinventing the wheel.

Empower your human teams to do more

These platforms are surprisingly simple. You need to type a phrase of what you want, and the algorithm will return different versions. You can customize the style and size of the output by clicking buttons in NightCafe, one of the more user-friendly interfaces.

While the free versions of these generators may limit your image usage, buying monthly subscriptions/credits is reasonable.

You can also use free stock photo galleries such as Unsplash for your blogs. Still, there is some risk involved regarding copyright and usage. Although you can download the images for free, you may unwittingly break the terms depending on how you use the photo.

To ensure that your AI creations tick all the boxes, you'll need a creative team with a lot of experience.

Whether you're using stock photography or AI images in your ads/merchandise, you can also try our automated Ad Versioning Wrkflow to generate optimized versions across your social media accounts.

While AI imaging is growing in popularity, you can also try out ChatGPT from OpenAI (the same creator as DALL-E). This AI language processor can perform customer service, marketing, and more functions. However, humans will still need to prompt and tweak the copy.

Using AI can enhance your team's creative capabilities. It won't replace humans, as someone must also dream up the ideas. People must fine-tune the results and ensure that all messages align with the brand.

AI and Automation are intelligent choices

Using AI can be a tool for your creative department to speed up ad-making or spark new ideas. Unique images can also be part of your custom email campaigns, made more accessible through our Personalized Email Marketing Wrkflow.

Companies like Wrk combine AI and automation to be more powerful than ever through hyperautomation. We have a lot of automated sales and marketing workflows that can help you market your business better. Other workflows can help you simplify internal processes.

Our Automation Platform can adapt to your evolving needs. Find out more about how our services can help your business reach new heights with an introductory call.