If you’ve ever lost a client by not following up quickly enough or spending too much time on a lead that goes nowhere, you’re not alone. These problems crop up across Sales departments, and you can usually trace them back to human error and weak spots within sales planning. But there are other things at the root of it: like a lack of consistency in delivery. And that’s where we come in. Our hybrid automation reinforces and strengthens sales processes, preventing inconsistencies and upping your sales team's efforts.

Inconsistency in sales is a real problem. Things you may not be able to control, like human error, lack of resources, and of course, not being available 24/7. It can lead to big differences in the quality of work and the speed of operations. We designed our sales Wrkflows to bolster and transform existing processes so that the quality of lead enrichment, lead nurturing, deal closing, and client retention is more robust and consistent. 

Let’s take a closer look at how our automated Wrkflows can underpin your sales processes and empower your Sales team to provide a more reliable—and ultimately superior—client experience.

Say goodbye to missing data

Without any automation in place, it’s relatively easy for Sales teams to input prospects into a list, but it takes significantly more effort to create high-quality lead profiles with good and relevant info. Automation makes this process easier, resulting in great lead lists without the legwork. 

More specifically, our Lead Enrichment Wrkflow ensures that every time a new lead is added, data about the prospect is gathered and input automatically into customer relationship management (CRM) software like Hubspot. Valuable information about contacts and their experience, as well as client revenue and funding data can be taken from the best in the biz data providers such as LinkedIn and Crunchbase and uploaded directly into sales lists. This gives Sales teams a better understanding of each lead and lays the groundwork for more reliable lead qualification.

No lead left behind

It’s no mystery that if a sales rep forgets to follow up with a lead in a timely fashion, it usually means that the prospect will have moved on. To really drive the point home, a reported 35 to 50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first, so having reliable and expeditious communication is crucial to securing sales. 

One of the biggest pitfalls of sales operations is forgotten or neglected leads. 

Our Lead Nurturing Wrkflow helps by tracking every lead’s journey, and with it, you can make sure that each step in the funnel is on schedule. In other words, it prevents new clients from falling through the cracks. It also guarantees you can communicate with each lead in a consistent way. Whether it’s by sending reminders to sales reps to follow up or generating and scheduling custom emails. Ultimately, our Lead Nurturing Wrkflow guarantees that you can keep prospective clients in the loop and convert them into sales without a hitch.

A conversion pace your Sales team can count on

A number of elements in the lead conversion pipeline can slow sales processes down. 

Small, seemingly mundane things like emailing back and forth to find a mutual time slot for a meeting can eat up valuable time and decelerate your Sales team. Hybrid Automation streamlines these processes resulting in faster and more consistent output.

Our Deal Management Wrkflow, for instance, integrates with Sales team calendars to facilitate meeting scheduling. You can automatically send leads an invitation to book a meeting through the platform, and they can select the best time slot for them. You can also customize the Wrkflow to send reminders if they have not confirmed a meeting time after a set number of days. 

Our Quote and Proposal Development Wrkflow also accelerates lead conversion, automatically generating and sending custom quotes or proposals when a lead has progressed. We designed this Wrkflow to get the necessary information to your leads quickly so they can make an informed decision and onboarding can begin. Automating this step can also cut down on the chance of human error and make sure that quotes are up-to-date and that the tone and style of proposals are the same. In the end, automating these important but repetitive tasks lets salespeople focus on tasks that are more important, like talking to potential clients and selling products or services.

The key to client retention

Consistency is not only central to converting leads it’s also a key factor in keeping clients—new and old—happy with your services or products. After all, a long-term client is far more valuable than a one-time customer—they are also 6 to 7 times less expensive than the process to find new customers. Our Customer Growth & Retention Wrkflow plays an important role once you close your initial deals. This automated Wrkflow invites customers to provide insights into their experience and share their satisfaction levels. Then turn these insights into personalized and actionable customer support strategies. 

Moreover, with our Deal Management Wrkflow, Sales teams can monitor existing clients and their ongoing engagement with your business. Client retention on the sales side can also be integrated with marketing activities through automated personalized email marketing. Notifications about new products, upgrades, or renewals can be set up automatically and made to fit the needs of each client based on what they have bought or subscribed to in the past.

Consistency is king

In the end, Hybrid Automation can support your Sales teams by promising greater consistency across the board. Sales processes, once entirely reliant on supervision from sales representatives, can now run autonomously, enabling Sales teams to focus less on scheduling, email drafting, and follow-ups, and more on selling. The result is a sales process that is more consistent in terms of output quality and time, which translates to better client experience and greater revenue potential.

Want to guarantee consistent results for your current team? See if Hybrid Automation is the best fit for you, book a demo with us today.