In today's fast-paced sales environment, having the right tech tools is crucial for success. And let's face it—we all want to focus more on making sales and less on juggling multiple platforms, right?

Enter Google Suite (including Google Workspace), a collection of powerful tools designed to boost productivity and communication within your sales team. With over 6 million customers using Workspace in 2021 (up from 5 million in 2019), it's clear that this platform has a lot to offer.

Let's dive in and see how it all works.

What is the Google Workspace Suite?

You might've known it as G Suite before, but Google Workspace is this excellent all-in-one cloud-based hub for productivity and collaboration. It's got everything you need to keep your team in sync: Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar – even Meet and Chat for those virtual get-togethers.

Long story short, these tools make working together a breeze. Whether you're chatting about deadlines or putting the finishing touches on a presentation, Google Workspace has got your back. 

The best part? Its seamless integration means everyone can stay in the loop (and stay productive) no matter what project they're tackling.

How Can Google Workspace Streamline Your Sales Productivity?

Google Workspace helps your business and sales team become more productive by offering tools that enhance communication, support real-time collaboration, bring all your files together in one place, and make scheduling a breeze. 

These features make it easier for your team to work well together and improve workflows, which leads to better overall productivity. Let's dive into how your sales team can make the most of Google Suite.

Unleash the Power of Labels and Filters to Organize Your Inbox With Gmail

Does your email inbox seem messy lately? As you know, a clean inbox is essential for managing priorities and remaining focused.

We use labels and filters in Gmail to help keep our inbox organized by sorting and categorizing new emails automatically.

Your sales team can avoid losing essential leads and communications by setting up filters based on keywords, senders, or content. 

A helpful trick is to color-code labels so you can quickly spot high-priority emails or tasks, letting your team zero in on what matters.

Enhance Collaboration with Colleagues with Google Docs

Google Docs lets people work together in real-time, so your sales team can work together on documents, proposals, and reports without constantly sending and receiving emails.

This seamless collaboration keeps everyone on the same page, resulting in a more efficient workflow.

You can make editing much quicker with Google Docs' "suggesting" mode. 

Your team members can review and approve changes before they're set in stone, ensuring everyone's on the same page and keeping the workflow smooth and organized.

Streamline Scheduling and Plan Meetings Efficiently With Google Calendar

Effective time management is critical to the success of any sales team.

Google Calendar allows you to create and share calendars. You can also schedule meetings and set reminders to keep your team on track and in sync.

Sharing team calendars allows for better schedule alignment and better use of your team's time.

You can use Google Calendar's "Find a Time" feature to find the best time for all your attendees, reducing the need for rescheduling or cancellations.

Master Your To-Do List With Google Keep

Google Keep is invaluable for managing your sales team's to-do lists, meeting agendas, and long-term projects.

Its user-friendly interface and powerful organization tools make managing tasks simple for your team. It can also set reminders and collaborate on shared notes.

You can even categorize tasks in Google Keep using labels based on priority, client, or project while also making it simple to filter and find relevant tasks when needed.

Centralize Your Documents and Collaborate Efficiently with Google Drive

Google Drive offers cloud storage for your team's documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.

By centralizing your sales materials, you can easily access, share, and collaborate on documents without the hassle of email attachments.

How can Google Drive help to streamline collaboration for your team? Ensure everyone is on the same page. You can create a shared folder structure for your team, and organize files by client, lead, or project.

Automation Platforms Integration with Google Workspace

When you connect Google Suite with automation platforms like ours, you save your sales team time by automating repetitive tasks and syncing data across different platforms. 

This way, your team can concentrate on high-value tasks like building relationships and closing deals. 

To make things even more efficient, consider automating things like adding leads from Gmail to your CRM. Look into updating Google Calendar events using CRM data or syncing Google Workspace with Wrk Actions.

Skyrocket Your Sales Team's Success with Google Workspace and Wrk

By tapping into the full power of Google Suite and integrating it with automation platforms like Wrk, your sales team can reach amazing levels of productivity and teamwork. 

Combining Google Workspace with automation platforms like Wrk helps your team work smarter and more efficiently. 

Remember, the key to success is consistently using these tools effectively. 

So, why not give Wrk a try with a free trial today?