Lead enrichment is the key to clean, organized, and more reliable data. Rapidly-growing companies don’t have the time for the drudgery of updating and verifying information in your lists to keep your outreach fluid and with no speed bumps. And let’s face it, list management isn’t fun. However, it is absolutely necessary and crucial to be able to move your leads through the qualification process and your sales pipeline. 

The time you put into creating an effective lead enrichment and management system will reap big rewards in the long run, but are there ways to save time, delegate tasks to automation AND keep a consistent and effective form of communication between your prospects and clients? 

How can automating your lead enrichment process elevate your outreach?

What can make your lead enrichment process swift, cost-effective, able to scale with you, AND still give you back the time you need to customize and add your own flair to your communication? It’s simple. Automation. 

When a new lead comes in, speed to lead is a crucial component. You will need to respond quickly and effectively.

Offering consistent responses with no delays will automatically gain you extra points with your prospects, making you instantly memorable. This process can be improved by introducing small automated steps into your process to guarantee that you’re the first ‘on scene’ when it comes to a new lead. When it comes to your outreach, having the most up-to-date information will be invaluable.

Level up your Lead Management process with us!

So we know speed is key. But once you’ve responded quickly, what else is the prospect looking for? They will require you to do the same process again and again. Making quick and effective responses a part of your brand will keep your clients coming back time and time again. 

Cleaning up your lists with Wrk Actions

Anywhere from 20-25% of your contact database decays every year. Anything can happen in that window. Some people who have engaged with your company may change jobs. Their company may move. And so on. If you don’t have steps in place to make sure that your lists have current data, it could affect—if not completely halt—your ability to follow up with valuable leads. 

Having bad data costs companies an estimated $3 trillion annually in the US.

With these numbers in mind, missing data becomes a lot bigger of a problem than you may have previously thought. You will now spend time manually trying to locate the new data and adding it to your CRM and your existing contact list. Our Wrk Actions eliminate the manual step altogether. Once you provide us with a contact list, we set up Wrk Actions—automated steps in your process—to enrich your contacts directly into your database and make sure that everyone across your departments has access to the most recent data, immediately. 

We’ve created effective Wrkflows by combining 3 or more Wrk Actions, check them out here!

How do we do it? 

At Wrk, we look at the monotonous day-to-day steps in your business process and we take them entirely off your plate with our Hybrid Automation Delivery Platform. We help to empower your team to put their focus on where it matters most—delivering consistent and effective results to close more deals in less time. 

Don’t just take our word for it though, we partnered up with Notch (formerly known as ChefHero), a fast-growing restaurant supply chain management solution for ordering, organization, and online payments. 

Our objective was simple: to automate the process of identifying and researching missing client and lead data, and automatically uploading the information directly to the database of their choice. 

Notch was looking to use these automations to build subscriptions to their service by reaching out to previous buyers and creating profiles for them. Naturally, after some time, the information was no longer good. They gathered all the contact info from those who had purchased from them in the past and we helped them to not only clean up their lists, find missing data, but also make sure the data was ready for them to take over and send out personalized communication to each contact. 

We saved them about 39% of their time per enriched contact compared to their previous process. How could you elevate your communication with 39% more time per outreach process? 

Check out what else we did to help Notch strengthen their lead enrichment process to offer consistent, effective, and personalized outreach to the RIGHT contacts. Read more in the case study here!