Having good content as a resource is crucial for the success of your sales teams. It's more important than ever for B2B buyers and decision-makers. 55% say they rely more on content to research and inform purchase decisions. This information is for more than just the buyer. The sales team needs to know who they are selling to and anticipate their requirements. Customized sales decks can give your team members everything they need to know BEFORE setting up a call with a prospect. This shows care and consideration and establishes a more personal relationship with your prospect. People trust people who know their workload or day-to-day pain points. With this information, you can show up with a solution before they even need to ask for one. 

Some salesmen prefer flashy sales decks, while others prefer templated ones. Everyone agrees that a prospect-specific deck offers you an edge. Our Wrkflow allows you to create a bespoke deck to address your prospect's top worries and give a personalized solution so that every lead receives the white-glove treatment they expect.

What is a sales deck?

If you want to close deals, you need a good sales deck. A sales deck is a presentation you use in meetings with prospects to explain your product and solution and why the prospect should go with your company. It helps to supplement your sales pitch, and you can also add a demo. 

Creating and equipping your sales team with a good and informative sales deck enriches your prospect's experience with your company. It can also make your sales rep's job a lot easier. The most important thing you need in the sales deck is who you are and what problem you're trying to solve for the prospect. The deck needs to show how you can help them with their problem. 

What is the Customize Your Sales Deck with Prospect Details Wrkflow?

We aim to resolve issues in the manual process of creating sales decks. Creating a fully customized deck per prospect would typically take hours. Imagine having to do this for each and every one.

This Wrkflow will pull the details of each prospect, and with the help of ChatGPT, the intelligence procured can be summarized into comprehensible bullet points. 

What are the benefits of this Wrkflow?

Our Customize Your Sales Deck with Prospect Details Wrkflow has many benefits and can add significant value to your Sales Enablement team process. Let's take a look at three advantages:

  • Save Valuable Time: You often don't bother adding customized intelligence because of how time-consuming each would be—no more. Now you can reduce the time spent on these repetitive tasks and change your focus to more critical areas of your business process. 

  • Be Where You're Needed Most: Make your prospects feel valued and "seen." Use this Wrkflow to add value to every touch point and ensure you're equipped with details and intelligence to build and nurture every relationship—from "Hello" to "Where do I sign?". 

  • The Best Experience Consistently: This Wrkflow treats all leads and prospects equally. While saving time, you can always give the best and most customized experience. You can guarantee to consistently deliver the highest level of service and support to your new, potential clients. 

Who uses the Customize Your Sales Deck with Prospect Details Wrkflow?

Prospects remember 5-10% of statistics and 25% of images. But when there's a story involved, retention shoots up to 60-70%. So who benefits from using this Wrkflow? Anyone who wants support in telling your company's story.

It's hard to determine exactly what part of your company's story you should be telling. It depends on factors like:

  • What's the size of the company of the prospect?

  • What is their budget?

  • What's their biggest concern or challenge?

What if you could also automatically add the logo of the company you're talking to? It would add an extra layer of customization. That's what this Wrkflow does. It ensures the prospect has a tailored experience to establish trust as early as possible. 

How does this Wrkflow integrate with your business processes?

Like all our Wrkflows, we created the Customize Your Sales Deck with Prospect Details Wrkflow to integrate seamlessly into a process that already exists in your work strategy. The Wrkflow connects with your tools and platforms, so you don't need to buy new fancy applications or services. 

For a complete picture of all our Wrkflow integrations, check out our library of Wrk Actions. Ultimately, our Customize Your Sales Deck with Prospect Details Wrkflow is a crucial piece in the sales automation puzzle and can improve your team's performance and drive sales opportunities.

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