We often focus on finding new customers and growing client lists but forget the importance of customer retention. A loyal customer base is vital for many reasons. The main one is that it's more cost-effective to have a returning customer than to attract a new one. For example, even a 5% increase in customer retention can boost brand revenue by over 25%. 

However, developing strong customer relationships takes time and resources, which can strain the Sales and Customer Success teams. Our Customer Retention & Growth Wrkflow can give your teams the support they need. It can also make it easier to collect and act on customer feedback consistently, which can help you keep customers. 

What is Automated Customer Retention & Growth?

Our Automated Customer Retention & Growth Wrkflow fits neatly into existing customer success strategies and streamlines parts of the job that can become repetitive and time-consuming, such as feedback gathering and processing. It also ensures that you can handle every customer with care and that they feel their experience and insights are valuable to your business.

Here's how it works: Each time this Wrkflow is triggered, your customer list will receive a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey via an automated feedback platform. Depending on the survey response, you can funnel clients into separate streams. You can call customers with low NPS scores and follow up with them. Wrk also takes care of this step, calling clients using a "low NPS script" to understand where improvements are needed. From there, client input is automatically logged in your CRM solution for Customer Success teams to analyze and act on.

Customers who give your brand a high NPS score will receive a scripted call from a member of our skilled community to gather positive insights and request that they share an online review or referral. Responses are also recorded in CRM to keep your customer success team informed. This Wrkflow can be scheduled for regular intervals so that your Customer Success teams have a steady stream of feedback and reviews coming in with minimal legwork. 

What are the benefits of automating your customer success process?

Now that we know how Automated Customer Retention & Growth works, let's dive into how it can add value to your Customer Success process.

  • Greater efficiency: With insights from customers gathered automatically, you can spend more time analyzing the results of feedback and implementing changes where needed to better meet (and exceed!) client expectations.

  • Growth potential: Positive reviews from satisfied customers bolster your brand's good reputation and can attract new clients. In fact, for 49% of consumers, a good review is a major deciding factor when closing a deal. Our Wrkflow encourages customers to leave reviews and make referrals, which can convert effortlessly into new revenue opportunities.

  • Scalable customer success: Automate customer retention to keep up with increases in client feedback and reviews as your business grows without overhauling and scaling your Customer Success department accordingly. 

  • Data centralization: Our Wrkflow keeps all your Customer Success data synced and up to date. Automated data collection from customers is logged into your CRM. Then RevOps teams are all on the same page and have considered each customer's survey results and feedback.

Transform your Customer Success with seamless integration

Like all our Wrkflows, we designed the Customer Retention & Growth Wrkflow to fit into your existing processes. Whether integrating with a current CRM, like HubSpot or ZenDesk, or an automated survey tool, like Survey Monkey. More than that, it can be seamlessly used with other Wrkflows, like Client Reporting and Centralize Customer Data.

Check out our Wrkflow in action here.