Successful organizations use competitive battle cards and info cards to win deals. It helps increase business and keep customers happy. A good client info card will help your team get insights to nurture relationships with prospects and new leads. To get ahead, your sales strategy needs to be strong and you’ll need to prepare your Reps. Ensuring your team members are well-equipped with enough information will be the difference between a lead wanting to work with you and one feeling like an extra number. 

An info card created for sales teams to get valuable intelligence on prospects and leads can be the difference between being well-prepared and making the contact feel like they are important to your company. It's usually the difference between a "no" and a "yes."

Of course, creating these info cards is very time-consuming. Most only produce them for the "big fish" because they require a lot of effort and time. So only those deemed valuable enough usually get a customized experience. So how do we make sure that everyone feels valued? AND can we do it without spending hours preparing for each call? 

That's where automation and AI come in to help. By using AI-generated content to fill your info cards, you can significantly reduce the time it takes to offer a tailored experience to all clients, new and existing. You can also ensure you're always updated with the latest intelligence and don't need to make manual adjustments constantly. 

What is AI-generated content?

Unlike traditional AI systems, generative AI creates new content (images, text, audio, and more) by recognizing patterns and making predictions

ChatGPT, for example, allows computers to generate all sorts of new and exciting content, from music and art to entire virtual worlds. Generative AI has plenty of practical uses, like creating new product designs and optimizing business processes.

Suppose you prompt the AI system, like ChapGPT, to find information for you, such as company insights or local news articles on their company. In that case, you'll be much more prepared for your call with a prospect. 

What is the Create AI-Generated Info Cards Wrkflow?

We created this Wrkflow because being an expert and ensuring a tailored experience for every single prospect and lead is very hard and time-consuming. Prospects expect you to show up on every call with a thorough understanding of their business, products, and services. This Wrkflow will help you bring value to every customer interaction by pulling intelligence on the buyer's role, industry, and pain points. Automatically, you can pull AI-generated information into a ready-to-use info card with all the insights you'll need to ensure they feel special and valued. 

Build a strong and trusting relationship at every point. Close deals faster with a fully customized and elevated experience for your prospects.

What are the benefits of this Wrkflow?

Our Create AI-Generated Info Cards Wrkflow has many benefits and can add significant value to your Sales Enablement teams. Let's take a look at three advantages:

  • Show Your Expertise: Have all the insights and intelligence available instantly so you're always prepared. Use the information gathered on each card to deliver a tailored experience to each individual you meet with. 

  • Build Strong and Lasting Relationships: Make your prospects feel valued and "seen." Use this Wrkflow to add value to every touch point and ensure you're equipped with details and intelligence to build and nurture every relationship—from "Hello" to "Where do I sign?". 

  • The Best Experience Consistently: This Wrkflow treats all leads and prospects equally. While saving time, you can always give the best and most customized experience. You can guarantee to consistently deliver the highest level of service and support to your new, potential clients. 

Who uses the Create AI-Generated Info Cards Wrkflow?

Before we explain who uses these info cards, let's break down exactly what they are. These instrumental pieces of intelligence should be easy to skim, include responses to common pain points and insights into the prospect, and provide facts and articles to support your claims. These info cards are also active. There is always new information, and we want to make sure that your team is set up to be able to discuss important things with the prospect. And offer a completely tailored experience to each of them without extra time at your expense. 

So who can benefit from these AI-Generated Info cards? The obvious answer is your sales team, but they will be useful for any revenue-generating team members. 

Your Sales Reps will use these info cards in two ways:

  • To prepare for your sales prospecting calls;

  • To reference during sales calls. 

How does this Wrkflow integrate with your business processes?

Like all our Wrkflows, we created the Create AI-Generated Info Cards Wrkflow to integrate seamlessly into a process that already exists in your work strategy. The Wrkflow connects with your tools and platforms, so you don't need to buy new fancy applications or services. 

For a complete picture of all our Wrkflow integrations, check out our library of Wrk Actions. Ultimately, our Create AI-Generated Info Cards Wrkflow is a crucial piece in the sales automation puzzle and can improve your team's performance and drive sales opportunities.

Check out the Wrkflow today!