As digital transformation and disruption continue across many industries, one emerging trend is top of mind: automation. Many business leaders are curious about what it can do, how they can use it, and which platform to choose. Others may be fearful that it is coming for their jobs.

But at Wrk, we know what automation is: simple, fast, and certainly nothing to fear. We believe it will always support and work alongside your team rather than replace them. But what is automation, and how can you make it work for you? We have the answer! 

What is automation? 

In a nutshell, automation is using a wide range of technologies that reduce human involvement and intervention in repetitive business processes. There are several types of automation, like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), or even blended or Hybrid Automation, like the Wrk platform.

RPA involves using virtual bots that are given specific instructions to deploy processes, while APIs are integration platforms that connect programs and software to one another. RPA can deliver a high volume of work quickly. APIs are often easy to start with and allow users to make real-time changes. But, functionality is limited because APIs can often complete tasks up to about 80%, but the remainder must be completed manually. This is where Wrk’s hybrid approach to automation comes into play.

We blend RPA, APIs, our very own bots, and humans into a single platform to automate any task end-to-end. 

Our CEO Mohannad El-Barachi simplifies this even more: “We see often that there’s a confusion that happens where people have this notion of ‘automation means I’m going to deploy thousands of robots that are going over how my workforce is doing it.’ And slowly we’re seeing the shift in mentality to ‘automation is just really about delivering my work at scale,’ about being able to see the end output of either optimizing a client onboarding or minimizing churn.”

Why use Automation?

There are many reasons to implement automation, but one of the main ones is that it can be deployed quickly and run constantly.

Automation executes quickly and continuously: it can operate 24/7 and executes its tasks far faster than a human possibly could. He also notes that it results in improved consistency of results.

“Automation executes its steps precisely every single time, so you can ensure the work gets done in a consistent manner every single time.”

With platforms like Wrk’s, you can automate repetitive tasks to increase productivity and time management and support and empower your team. The Wrk platform was designed not to replace your team but to act as a co-pilot. At the same time, they navigate their tasks and processes that are time-consuming and often distracting from your business’ big-picture goals.

How can I use automation? 

Automation can be applied to virtually every department in your business and industry. In particular, it can be applied to many tasks that your team finds daunting and time-consuming. You can use automation to simplify business processes in Human Resources, Finance, Sales, Customer Support, Marketing, Operations, and more. If we were to list every process that you can automate, we might be here all day. 

Just a few examples of repetitive tasks that can be automated include: 

  • Content summarizing with generative AI tools

  • Lead enrichment

  • Month-end financial reporting

  • Help desk and ticket resolution 

  • Lead scoring

  • Research 

  • Data entry, cleaning, and sorting 

  • Email marketing 

  • Employee and client onboarding and offboarding 

Try it out today!

If you’ve thought about implementing automation but don’t know where to begin, it’s quite simple. Start with just one task that is time-consuming and repetitive for your team. By starting small, you can scale automation to other tasks easily. 

The Wrk Platform provides simple solutions for every department. Discover how your team can feel the immediate benefits of automation today!