In this edition of Beyond the Bots, we take a close look at the simplification of the different automation approaches and we discuss which is best for your work processes (spoiler alert: it’s the only complex decision you’ll need to make).

Wrk’s hybrid approach to automation is the first of its kind. We combine the best of all elements needed for successful automation adoption—RPA, AI, bots, and even human support and oversight. Each tool has a specialty and by mixing them together, you eliminate all the gaps left behind by the drawbacks and add all the positives of each type. You automatically get the right tool that excels in that area without having to source multiple solutions yourself. The result of this all-in-one platform is a drastically simplified process for the user and end-to-end coverage of your process, which allows you to automate the traditionally unautomatable.

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Automation adoption and finding the best fit for your needs is a critical step. At Wrk, we eliminate the need for high coding knowledge and extra IT consultancy fees, so you can focus 100% on delivering quality work with no delays or downtime. 

Alternatives like Zapier or are good suggestions if you’re simply looking for a platform to integrate your web applications and API integration. However, your work processes are complex, but our platform is not. You need an automation solution that will adapt easily with very little downtime and that does not require weeks and weeks to start working for you. That’s where our hybrid method comes in! 

Wrk Actions make Wrk’s Hybrid Automation platform the best approach to automation

We start our process very much the same way you look at any other work process—at the beginning. Our Wrk Actions are single steps that can easily be replicated with automation tools. Our no-code Delivery Platform has thousands of ready-to-deploy automated tasks that are pre-configured to receive a specific input and produce a structured output to make sure that your team can deliver consistent results in the easiest way. 

These small pieces to a slightly larger puzzle we call Wrkflows are powered by industry-leading tools from RPA, to APIs, AI, OCR, and even a community of skilled human workers. We leave no possibility for a task to fall through the cracks and use the most powerful technology to complete it. That’s why our platform allows for the best tool to ALWAYS be applied. No need to have several applications or integrations, like some other options on the market, the right solution is applied to every action automatically. 

Connect the 3-5 Wrk Actions together to mimic your process, to build the Wrkflow your heart desires in minutes and not days, without requiring coding knowledge or complex configuration. Spend less time reaching out to tech support, and more time running the workflows and delivering results with ease. 

The all-in-one-place Wrk platform is the best Zapier alternative on the market

Our Wrkflows are designed to flow with you! I know, it sounds overly simplified, but that’s just because it is. Want to send an email every time you get an inquiry? Need to quickly classify a lead when they immediately come in? We have a Wrk Action for you! 

Do you need more than one step automated? That’s why we work with you to create the perfect Wrkflow for your cycle. Once you’re happy with the design of your Wrkflow, you simply click to launch and get ready to receive high-quality, automated work, delivered directly to your inbox (or even your CRM). 

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The cherry on top of the automated sundae? You can go in and modify your fully customizable Wrkflow(s) as your business goals shift or your team grows. And to scale, you still only need the expertise you currently have, no extra IT, no extra complexities. 

Whether you’re managing leads in Salesforce, or projects in Asana, or creating a lead enrichment list in Excel, most of our competitors are limited on what technology they can integrate and automate. If you need multiple tools at your disposal, we are currently the first and only platform that is ready to deliver it all, from one single place! 

The results speak for themselves when it comes to automation adoption

We aim to keep all tools in constant contact and stay connected to any internal proprietary systems that don't have a public API with our dynamic Wrk Actions. 

With our clients, we’ve seen up to 360% increase in overall research output per day and over 22% of time gained when completing individual projects like running searches to gather leads. 

Across the board, we’ve seen increases in speed to scrape and find missing information such as addresses, phone numbers, and emails to reach out to new contacts with product information, to share content, or even to add to your list of potential hires for a role. No stone is left unturned and no department goes unseen when it comes to finding the best approach to automation. 

More traditional RPA systems, of course, offer value to companies with large budgets, and strict and rigid business processes. However, if you’re looking for an innovative approach to deliver your work efficiently, that won’t also require high start-up costs or an additional team of consultants, we have the perfect solution for you—and it’s looking very much like a hybrid! 

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You’re not alone when it comes to implementation

Wrk can help you get started today, but you also have the freedom to do it all by yourself if you want. Once you’ve mapped out your process and the steps that you can automate, you’re ready to launch!

The 4 launch options are: 

  • Manual: You launch your Wrkflow manually as soon as you are ready for liftoff! 
  • Scheduled: Schedule your Wrkflow to start in an hour or week from now—you decide. 
  • Triggered: Your Wrkflow will launch when triggered by a specific event such as the completion of a previous Wrkflow run.
  • API: Your Wrkflow will be launched via API using the specific API keys needed.

The flexibility and simple implementation makes it so you can customize a lot yourself. After all, you’re the expert when it comes to your own workload. 

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