2023 is finally here, and you might find yourself looking for the right software integration tool to scale your business. Software integration tools are the glue that keeps all of your processes running smoothly in one seamless data ecosystem. They increase efficiency, reduce the burden of tedious manual tasks, and ensure that data is up-to-date, reliable, and communicated at the right time—and they are estimated to help reduce operational costs by an estimated 33% by 2024.

Even if you're new to the world of software integration tools, this list of the best software integration tools of 2023 will help you start your search on the right foot. Each yields its own set of benefits that best suit your organization's structure, so review what they offer so you can make the best decision to scale for years to come. Check out our list of the best software integration tools of 2023 below.

Best Software Integration Tools of 2023

1. Workato

Workato helps connect different programs by using "no-code" software. This software makes it easy for companies to speed up automation. Workato also makes it easy to schedule data syncs at the best times for your workflow, so you don't have to worry about planning for capacity or setting up infrastructure.

2. Boomi

Boomi is one of the leading iPaaS companies in the industry. The platform can connect local apps and store them in the cloud. It has more than 180 software integrations. They have built their iPaaS in the cloud, offering EDI and API connections for integration.

3. InterSystems Ensemble

InterSystems Ensemble can double the amount of work teams can do by making integration projects less complicated. This platform makes it easy to act on data insights with real-time dashboards and out-of-the-box connectivity for databases, protocols, and a wide range of technologies, such as SAP, TCP, HTTP, and more. It does this by making integration easier.

4. Zapier

Zapier is an integration platform with an extensive list of integrations it can recognize. This tool supports over 5000 integrations with daily business tools. Up to 100 actions can occur in a single workflow called "Zaps." Zapier also lets you add custom business apps that your company has made to its list of integrations. 

5. Wrk

Wrk is another powerful integration platform that works with enterprise software, custom internal tools, and popular websites like Crunchbase, LinkedIn, and Forbes. It helps organizations automate tasks that are hard to automate with traditional tools. It also connects offline jobs by automating digitization, transcription, and other tasks. Wrk also has a pricing model based on usage rather than seats. Their Automated Wrkflows give your organization more flexibility as it grows.

6. WSO2 API Manager

WSO2 API Manager lets companies use flexible deployment models that employees can easily change to fit their infrastructure. This API-first integration platform enables you to connect services and manage them as APIs from a single place. Also, WSO2 API Manager lets you gather 200K APIs from different industries and handles 50 billion daily transactions.

7. MuleSoft

MuleSoft provides a platform to help businesses connect data on both on-premises and cloud computing environments. This tool makes it effortless for developers to integrate leading technology into their workflow. This is another API-led integration that gets rid of data silos and makes the organization as a whole more connected.

8. Jitterbit

Jitterbit is another software integration platform that harnesses the power of API for integration, making it possible to scale processes for growing companies and drastically reduce the time it takes to complete projects. Frequently used as a CRM integration tool, Jitterbit can connect data systems from SaaS, on-premise, and in the cloud.

9. Snaplogic

SnapLogic is an integration platform that keeps data and analytics systems aligned. In addition to integrations with SaaS and other transaction-based integrations, Snaplogic can deliver integrations to Big Data and related NoSQL sources.

10. Celigo

Celigo syncs data in real time, allowing organizations to act on data insights immediately. This tool gives you access to databases, makes it easy to connect to third-party apps, and has an easy-to-use interface to connect and analyze your data.

Find the right fit for your automation needs

Choosing the right software integration tools can be simple. In 2023, start the year off right with some of the top integration platforms available. Software integration tools can shorten the time it takes to build something and make all of the connections you use every day safer. This gives teams peace of mind in knowing they can use their data to its fullest potential, among other advantages. 

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