Every successful business begins with the same foundation: quality leads. Lead generation is a vital part of any sales strategy. Fortunately, engineers created advanced lead generation tools and software to convert your leads into revenue.

Lead gen tools can identify potential customers engaging with your brand, so you can better focus on converting them to a sale. They examine how people act online and tailor messages to their needs.

As automated sales tools become more widely adopted across various industries, getting on board now is a good idea. Using lead generation software can free up time for your sales teams to close deals and increase overall sales success.

Let's examine this topic further to explore the benefits of a lead gen software stack and the best ones on the market...

What is a lead generation funnel?

While the focus is often on the sales funnel, a lead generation funnel at the top is essential to gaining new customers. You will convert as many sales as possible with a strong lead capture strategy. 

That's where a lead generation software stack can help you stand out. It can help you move smoothly through the lead gen process, putting your sales teams in a prime position to secure a new client—and keep them.

The three parts to the lead generation funnel:

  1. The first time you talk to a possible buyer is your chance to make a great first impression. This early engagement could be through social media, a blog post, or another channel.

  1. Possible leads that have meaningful engagement with your brand should be nurtured. This means you can direct them to your other resources that better explain your products or services and how they will fit their needs. You can also tap into Wrk's Lead Nurturing Wrkflow to assist with this step.

  1. By the third stage of the lead generation funnel, you've outlined your value proposition, and the lead has become a solid sales prospect. The next step is offering them meetings or free trials, which will finish turning them into paying customers.

Most popular lead gen software in 2023

HubSpot Lead Capture Software

HubSpot is a valuable marketing tool that connects with many integrations. This HubSpot lead generation tool lets your sales team use easy-to-customize forms to get more information from leads. (You can also turn to our Lead Enrichment Wrkflow to help fill in the gaps in your contact's details.)

Check out our blog on nurturing and updating your lists with Hubspot Automation.

You can use HubSpot's CRM to track interactions and perform lead scoring to know which leads to pursue first.


This tool helps turn qualified leads (prospects) into actual sales during the prospecting stage. It has live messaging and chatbot tools to keep leads interested and lets you send messages based on what a prospect does online.


This software helps you find leads who have never done business with your brand. The tool collects information about companies that visit your website (without leaving any info) and identifies their decision-making contacts. This allows your sales team to follow up with these potential leads more effectively, moving them into your lead generation funnel.


This all-in-one marketing and lead generation platform lets you make interactive campaigns to get leads. You can get potential customers interested in your business using forms and surveys. You can also make things more fun by adding contests and quizzes.


Speaking of fun ways to engage leads, Paperform has you covered. It's a lead generation form tool that lets you reach out to potential customers with fun quizzes and other methods that grab attention.

The platform lets you customize the structure of your outreach to match your brand. It's also helpful in identifying essential insights using its powerful analytics.


This tool works like Wrk's List Building from Social Media Engagement Wrkflow in that it uses chatbots on your website and social media channels to get more high-quality leads.

The lead gen assistant lets you build a chat campaign and disperse it to all your online customer touchpoints while managing it all from one place.

Using the lead generation features, you can gather information from those who engage with your Facebook posts and set up autoresponders so you get all direct messages on Facebook or Instagram. It lets you open a live chat with your website visitors to better evaluate their needs.


Are you directing your prospects to the right place online? This lead gen solution helps you make the best first impression.

Carrd has many landing page templates already made, or you can use its blank canvas to make your own. Subscribing to the tool unlocks other features, such as adding a contact or sign-up forms, embedding widgets from payment platforms, and integrating Google Analytics to track performance.


Unlike most lead gen software stacks, Datanyze is a digital lead generation tool that helps you collect more prospects offline.

By collecting essential information about your B2B leads and even suggesting ways to open the conversation, this tool can elevate the success of your cold calls (and emails.) 

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

LinkedIn is a business-networking platform with over 900 million members, so discarding its lead-generation tools is unwise. More specifically, this lead gen software stack lets you send pre-filled forms to contacts so they can add more professional information. It also helps you track the cost per lead in your campaigns to determine your ROI.

This tool also allows you to import leads into another marketing automation platform. We can keep your lead lists clean and updated with our Sales Data & List Management Wrkflow.

Who can make use of lead-generation tools?

Technically, any business looking to ease the pressure off their sales teams can use lead generation software. However, it may be instrumental in the B2B sector that commonly uses cold-calling and cold emails to gain leads (the latter approach has a 9% clickthrough rate as of 2020.)

Manual lead generation can take up valuable resources and still lead nowhere. However, these lead gen software stacks use intelligent insights to identify who will likely buy. Then they send custom communications tailored to their interests.

But no matter what business you're in, you may need to try out a few lead-generation platforms before you find the best one. Luckily, many of these tools offer a free trial, so you can get a feel for them before committing.

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