Growth in the B2B market is vital—but that doesn't mean it's easier to make a sale. Many businesses within the industry still use cold calling to generate leads, but B2B prospecting tools are what can make the difference.

Let's clarify that a prospect is not the same as a lead. A "prospect" is a qualified lead that fits your ideal customer's criteria and has expressed interest. The next step is to close the deal, which our Quote & Proposal Development Wrkflow could help with.

B2B prospecting tools automate some critical steps in the sales cycle, so your human teams can focus on bringing in new business (and retaining them—a function of our Customer Retention & Growth Wrkflow.)

Let's look at some of the best sales prospecting tools and what kinds of businesses are using them.

Zendesk Sell Sales CRM

This powerful sales prospecting tool lets you turn qualified leads into customers using its sales engagement tools to target prospects. It can also help improve leads (as can our Lead Enrichment Wrkflow) by updating files with the latest useful information.

Businesses use this tool when looking to populate their sales funnel and when looking to monitor their performance metrics better. Zendesk is said to be part of the tech stacks of top companies like Uber, Shopify, and Instacart.


Using business partners like distributors, resellers, and marketplaces, this one-of-a-kind co-selling sales prospecting tool strengthens your leads.

Once you've registered, you can identify partners that have overlapping prospects. Instead of competing, it leverages your partners to streamline deals that benefit all parties.

SuperOffice CRM

These platforms offer B2B prospecting tools that can save your human sales team time through streamlined pipeline management, sales forecasts, and more to turn your best leads into revenue.

These sales prospecting functions are geared towards growing existing customer relationships, as it's more cost/time efficient than finding new ones. (In fact, while the probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%, that range is 60-70% for an existing client.)

The SuperOffice sales tools can help you fill the "white space"—in other words, upsell to identified clients that could benefit from more of your products or services.

Dealfront (formerly Leadfeeder)

This is a website plug-in that can help turn your online visitors into leads and then prospects. Used for B2B sales prospecting, the Dealfront platform can pull potential customers from website visitors—even those who don't fill out any forms.

What's more is that you can track how long website visitors spend on various pages, which gives you more insight into their needs and behaviors to develop custom marketing (like our Personalized Email Marketing.)

HubSpot Sales Lead & Prospecting Software

According to reports, Accenture, Trustpilot, Strava, and many other companies use HubSpot as their all-in-one customer relationship management (CRM) solution. So it's no surprise that it's also handy for generating quality leads.

This software can track visits to your business website and send information about who is most engaged. This allows your sales teams to narrow in on warm leads. It can also generate sales email templates that you can easily share with your teams.


This platform has tools for B2B prospecting that pull intent data from a mostly exclusive database of B2B sites that have given permission. It provides buying signals driven by analytics to better understand your prospects' interests and intents.

Using this tool, you can zero in on B2B companies actively searching for a particular solution—and might be ready to buy yours.

Standalone tools vs. all-on-one sales prospecting solutions: which to choose?

Depending on what you need and how much money you have, you can choose sales prospecting tools that work independently or have several automated sales features. Generally, CRM in the title suggests it contains a range of B2B prospecting tools—but be sure to read the details. They may not focus on sales prospecting functions as much as the standalone utilities.

Remember, Wrk offers many automated sales and marketing workflows that can augment these other third-party tools, such as our Personalized Pitch Deck Creation, to wow prospects.

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