Adding more hours to your workday can't be the only solution to getting more things done. However, this old-fashioned mode of operation remains the default position for far too many Sales teams. That's where Wrk comes in. Our sales Wrk Actions are pre-configured building blocks designed to mimic a single step in your real-life sales processes. By automating your sales outreach funnel, you can get your work done faster and better.

We worked with our Sales team and business analysts to highlight a few new and noteworthy Wrk Actions to find what would resonate with your team. We designed these automated tasks to help expand your sales outreach funnel. We also created them to help you fill that funnel with ideal client personas (ICPs) to help you maintain a solid lead-to-customer conversion rate. With our Wrk Actions, you can expedite the critical—yet time-consuming—tasks that crush productivity. They also let you give your team the tools to work better with the most qualified leads.

So, why not sit back, grab a coffee, and let us update you on what's new and helpful so you can keep your focus on adding more personal touches to your sales outreach funnel? 

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Step 1: Turn strangers into customers and build a more robust sales outreach funnel list

The Action: Get company details from a specific profile

The average salesperson spends too much time searching and gathering information for leads. One of the most effective ways to reduce your workload is to filter out all the leads that aren't interested in buying from you and stop focusing on them. This means you won't waste time unnecessarily.

This Wrk Action is a favorite, and you'll quickly see why. When we made your client outreach list, we made it so that you don't have to search for important information like emails and job titles. Once it is up and running, it will gather all the public information about a company that is available on sales platforms like LinkedIn, CrunchBase, and Google Maps. Upload a lead list in Excel or CSV format. You will then get a complete report of the details, whether they are available via their public API or not.

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Step 2: Make sure your list is always up to date (and clean)

The Action: Deduplicate contacts in Excel

Automating as many of your non-selling activities as possible will save you a significant amount of time. 50% of sales leaders say reps will follow a hybrid sales model this year. If you're spending half your time meeting with clients in person, how will you be able to prioritize who to meet? Spending time cleaning up your list after every meeting is a waste of your time.

When you merge your lists, are you left with duplicates and sometimes triplicates? What you need is a tool that can quickly organize your lists. Clean up your lists automatically with this Wrk Action to avoid causing havoc on your lists and save you valuable time. Instead, you can use the time you saved to improve the quality of your sales outreach funnel list. 

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Step 3: Give your leads what they need and seal that deal

The Action: Add content to a Google Slides template

There's a way to make great pitches and give information to clients without making it look like you're just copying and pasting the same paragraph to a bunch of different people. Take content from any source and add it to a branded template for pitches, information sharing, quick tips, you name it! This process will help your customers get all the information they need without the fluff they don't need.

P.S. The more you automate, the more time you have to cater the information to a specific need.

"The more you customize your sales pitch to your customer's desired outcomes, the greater your chance of winning their business. Learn as much as possible about the customer's industry, the competition, the strategic vision, the team, and the buying process. Then you and your team can design a sales engagement that is less of a pitch and more of a guide to mutual success". – Kevin GoodmanNTT Ltd.

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We provide the building blocks to make your sales outreach funnel process easier while you work on what you do best. Your high-value tasks are where you really shine. We created the Wrk Platform to handle menial tasks while you focus on other things.

Stop spending time on useless leads, and dead ends. Focus your attention on closing deals and creating lasting relationships with clients.

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