The main stages of the sales cycle are prospecting, contacting, qualifying the lead, nurturing the lead, presenting an offer, answering any objections or further queries, and closing the sale. We have many steps to automate in the first six stages, and now we have a way for you to offer consistent and customized collateral for the final stage: closing the deal. With an automated personalized sales agreement, you can assure your new client that they won't have to wait, and you can complete the contract anytime. 

A sales process is a repeatable series of steps that a salesperson or rep takes, from finding the prospect to closing the deal and adding them to a special list of new clients. The nurturing process continues with the agreement. You need to ensure that the client feels they are getting a custom experience at every stage. 

What is a sales agreement?

Simply put, a sales agreement is a legally binding contract that clarifies the transaction terms between you and the client. A few other names it goes by are sales agreement contract, sales agreement form, purchase agreement, or sales contract. 

A sales agreement is a good idea whenever you buy or sell something. These agreements usually include the following:

  • Buyer and seller information (including names and contact information); 

  • Payment or cost amount; 

  • Delivery details;

  • Any other pertinent information stipulated by vendor and buyer.

These details all require a degree of personalization with every agreement. This can be very time-consuming when you want to make sure you provide all the customized information. 

What is the Prep & Send Personalized Sales Agreements Wrkflow?

So you did the hard work and delivered on everything. You cared. You presented. Now it's time to cross some "T"s and dot some "I"s. How can you expedite the Sales Agreement without depriving your new client of a customized experience? And also, make sure you're avoiding mistakes and repetition. Use this Wrkflow to swiftly deliver a templated, accurate, and personalized document and close the deal!

What are the benefits of this Wrkflow?

Creating a sales agreement doesn't need to be overwhelming or time-consuming. Our Prep & Send Personalized Sales Agreements Wrkflow has many benefits and can add significant value to your Sales Enablement team process. 

Let's take a look at three advantages:

  • Reduce time Spent: Use a templated Sales Agreement with personalized portions instead of beginning from scratch all the time.

  • Provide a Consistent, Elevated Experience: Avoid mistakes by updating only the areas that each client requests. Ensure a personalized experience without extra effort.

  • Don't Delay the Sale: Get immediate results. The sooner you send an agreement, the sooner you can finalize the deal. Don't let administrative responsibilities get in your way.

Who uses the Prep & Send Personalized Sales Agreements Wrkflow?

We immediately think that, of course, these are for sales reps and salespeople. However, this might be every staff member's job if you're a small business. The beauty of creating this Wrkflow is that once you're satisfied with a template, anyone can reproduce it with custom details. 

How does this Wrkflow integrate with your business processes?

Like all our Wrkflows, we created the Prep & Send Personalized Sales Agreements Wrkflow to integrate seamlessly into a process that already exists in your work strategy. The Wrkflow connects with your tools and platforms, so you don't need to buy new fancy applications or services. 

For a complete picture of all our Wrkflow integrations, check out our library of Wrk Actions. Ultimately, our Prep & Send Personalized Sales Agreements Wrkflow is a crucial piece in the sales automation puzzle and can improve your team's performance and drive sales opportunities.

Check out the Wrkflow today!