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Automated marketing software has been around for some time but is getting more powerful than ever. That's because it's getting smarter—some platforms are incorporating technologies, including AI and automation.

No doubt, adopting marketing automation can help you increase business success. Recent research shows that Salesforce automation can boost sales productivity by 14.5% while reducing overhead by 12.2%.

Let's dive deeper into this topic and outline the best automated tools/platforms to adopt…

Who is using automated marketing?

You may think that only large companies have the budget to use marketing automation strategies. However, statistics show that while 81% of larger companies are adopting automation to reach a larger audience, 44% of smaller businesses are also using it heading into 2023. 

Many small and medium-sized businesses rely on automation for omnichannel marketing, a recent trend in marketing automation that lets businesses quickly reach customers on multiple platforms.

Software and tech companies, and those in the healthcare and real estate industries, use automated marketing tools. Any industry wanting to reach more potential customers can use these tools to its advantage.

Best Marketing Automation Tools in 2023

However, not all automation platforms produce the same results for your business. Here 9 of the best marketing automation tools to level up your game and help you get more quality leads and close more sales.


This automated marketing platform calls itself the biggest one on the market. In 2018, software giant Adobe bought it. It uses a mix of technologies to find and keep new customers, which makes it suitable for businesses.

How? Marketo helps move interested customers further down the sales funnel by keeping in touch with them. It also uses AI to customize the content you send to your customers based on their demographics and online behavior. Statistics show that personalized email marketing and other communication can significantly increase ROI with 80% of retail consumers leaning in favor of it.

Marketo also gives you marketing analytics that shows how effective your customer interactions are at every stage of the customer journey.

2. Hubspot

Hubspot is another major automation platform that helps with customer relationship management (CRM). With "all-in-one" marketing automation, your sales team can shorten the sales cycle while inbound marketing campaigns, like ad retargeting, bring in more traffic.

Using the most up-to-date customer data, marketing automation can help power multi-step marketing campaigns. That includes boosting your email marketing strategy

Hubspot also assists your customer service team through its Service Hub, which can handle ticketing, team emails, scheduling meetings, and more.

Wrk and Hubspot work together to automate some of our tasks, like our Personalized Pitch Deck Creation Wrkflow. HubSpot is ideal for smaller businesses but can easily be scaled. And if you've already checked out our blog about boosting your email strategy, we have a few more ways Wrk connects with Hubspot for email marketing.

3. Eloqua

Oracle runs this automated marketing platform that helps B2B and B2C marketing campaigns improve. It lets businesses launch and manage their campaigns more easily while measuring results.

The most impressive thing about Eloqua is that it smartly changes based on how customers use the Internet so that it can give them the most relevant content. If one campaign isn't working, it can move customers to another based on their interests.

The marketing platform uses a drag-and-drop interface to handle even video components, which makes it easy to navigate. Wrk Actions will be available on the self-serve model of our platform.

4. Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot)

This is a powerful tool that integrates with Salesforce for B2B marketing. The platform uses AI to score your prospects (also check out our Automated Prospecting Wrkflow), passing the most engaged potential customers to your sales team.

Your sales team can also use the platform to automate cross-channel content and use engagement data to help close deals faster. Along with offering sales and marketing tools, it also complements your customer success teams.

5. Constant Contact

This automation platform is likely best known as an email marketing tool. However, this platform also offers targeted ads through social media and even text messages.

Short message service (SMS marketing) has an open rate as high as 98%, according to the company, compared to an average of about 17% for emails. (However, using our Personalized Email Marketing Wrkflow can increase your success using this method.)

Its automated marketing function finds and talks to people interested in your brand. It also offers automatic lead scoring and analytics, so you know who to go after and how.

6. Omnisend

This automation platform has tools that can be used by people who want to do email marketing for e-commerce. It combines email marketing with the power of SMS marketing to reach more people. For example, it can send a text to someone to remind them that they still need to complete their purchase on your e-commerce website.

When SMS and email marketing work together, the company says there's a 47.7% higher success rate.

Omnisend has ready-made subject lines and messages, and its drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to change your automated marketing.

7. Mailchimp

This email marketing tool has been around since 2001, now owned by Intuit. But like many marketing tools, it has changed over time and now uses AI and automation to work better.

For example, its Content Optimizer compares your messaging with millions of other campaigns. It gives you data and suggestions for improving it, such as making it easier to read or adding more visuals.

Their automated marketing tool sends text messages to customers who still need to finish their purchases to remind them or offer discounts. Mailchimp can also help you get more creative with your campaigns by using AI to match your brand.


This automated marketing platform may be one to consider heading into the future. It can automate emails triggered by customer actions, deliver in-app messages, and more.

The platform is suitable for businesses looking to get into marketing automation. Still, you can also customize it with the help of a developer or tech-savvy marketing team, which could provide a long-term solution. 

9. Wrk

We offer a full slate of Wrkflows and Wrk Actions that can automate repetitive tasks. However, we also harness the power of AI to deliver results through our platform—machines and humans working together to produce results.

What's the future of automated marketing

AI is improving with platforms like ChatGPT, an advanced OpenAI language processing tool that can make chatbots interact with customers and write copy for your website and other marketing content. Meanwhile, AI image generators are also becoming more popular for custom advertising.

More marketing tools will integrate with ChatGPT in the future. For example, paired with existing tools, it allows you to deliver human-like video responses to text-based customer questions. 

Gamify everything

Also, keep an eye out for more marketing gamification in 2023, which will engage more customers through incentives and interactive experiences. It can be a valuable tool for market research because you can find out more about what customers want by giving them exciting surveys and rewards.

Remember that these marketing automation platforms are meant to be something other than a replacement for your marketing team. Instead, they're intended to help them by making ads better, letting you target your audience better, and reducing the amount of time you spend qualifying leads. Combining your human talent with automation/AI tools can boost your success in 2023.

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