While the word “automation” sometimes has a tendency to evoke a cold, almost robotic feeling—think bots replacing humans in the workforce—this isn’t the case at all. Automation can actually empower your team, and enhance both your client interactions communications, and improve their journey and experience. Automation, in other words, does not create an impersonal barrier between you and your client, it brings you closer together.

It is important to make a complex system that helps your client keep good relationships with their customers. In fact, the benefits are two-fold: it allows you to relay key findings to them efficiently and it gives them the opportunity to achieve success and foster enhanced brand awareness. Now more than ever, businesses have to bolster relationships with their customers and understand their clients, their values, and how they're looking to spend their hard-earned dollars. 

Client Reporting is a vital part of your process

As any Customer Success or Marketing team will tell you, a vital part of maintaining good customer relationships and communication is client reporting. Client reporting, whether at a B2B or B2C level, helps to define customer experiences, parse feedback, and visualize satisfaction levels, giving teams the necessary tools to adapt and tailor their business strategies as deemed necessary. 

Client reporting used to be known as a hard and time-consuming part of customer success operations, but automation has made it easier than ever to do. Check out our Client Reporting Wrkflow to learn more.

Automated client reporting streamlines client feedback and reporting, as well as data analysis, and visualization, helping you to direct your client to areas of opportunity to boost their customer communications and satisfaction levels with less effort. 

Read on for more insights as we look at the what, why, and how of automated client reporting.

What is Automated Client Reporting?

Let’s take a very quick look at client reporting at the B2C level. Client reporting is all about tracking, measuring, and evaluating customer experiences. Understanding what customers do and how happy they are is key to coming up with new marketing strategies that will bring in more customers and keep the ones you have. It also helps brands understand what current marketing campaigns and efforts are working well so that they can tackle future customer communications with confidence. 

With automation added into the mix, the value of client reporting increases, as brands can more easily gather the data required for reporting and have that data automatically generated into digestible, actionable metrics.

With automated client reports, you can easily consult weekly updates or quarterly business reviews (QBRs) based on data gathered through email surveys, product reviews, social media metrics, and more. This data can then be translated into relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)—such as lead conversion rates, social media engagement, and brand awareness—which measure customer success.

Automated client reporting is also becoming an indispensable tool for marketing agencies, which have in the past spent grueling hours compiling data from a broad range of sources, analyzing it, and creating graphs and presentations for their clients. With automation, you can cut down processes that take a lot of time to just a few minutes without losing the quality of the insights. 

Because automation solutions like Wrk’s Hybrid Automation Delivery Platform can easily pull data from an entire marketing stack, the level of reporting can be superior. You can make reports more often to show real-time results and give your client a better idea of how marketing campaigns are going. This means that automated client reporting is good for both you and your clients because it saves you time.

Why Use Automation for Client Reporting?

The Wrk Automation Platform provides an easy solution to various challenges. It enables businesses and their Customer Success teams to do more with less. Automation not only expedites boring and repetitive tasks in client reporting. It also makes building reports easier by gathering and analyzing data on its own. 

By automating these repetitive parts of client reporting, your team will have more time to focus on high-value strategy, taking into account the findings of the client report to come up with new and innovative strategies that both keep up with the times and help customers succeed and be happy.

In addition to being cheaper than conventional client reporting methods, automated client reporting has another huge financial benefit. By facilitating a culture of transparency through regular client reports, you are giving your client more bandwidth in their marketing budget to more effectively allocate precious dollars to areas where they will have the biggest impact. For instance, if a client report reveals that most of your clients’ customers are engaging through a specific social media platform, you can advise them to focus their budget there to really capitalize on the trend. To sum it up, client reports can help your client budget better for future marketing campaigns and allow you to provide detailed reports outlining how they should best spend their money with agility and assurance.

How to Use Automated Client Reporting

Finally, we come to it, the how. Fortunately, the answer here is simple: Wrk. You can apply our Hybrid Automation solution, across virtually any business process, has a specific and highly effective approach. Wrk's solution breaks big tasks like client reporting into small, highly automated tasks. We created a streamlined, user-friendly workflow that allows you to customize it to your needs. The “hybrid” element is used for tasks that require a human touch, which we delegate to our global human workforce. (We explain how Wrk can help Customer Success teams in our Customer Success White Paper).

For client reporting, Wrk’s solution automates virtually every process step. For instance, this could involve starting with a detailed analysis of your clients’ subscriber base (including recently enabled and disabled customers), before automatically filtering your client’s customer list based on IP location, and concluding with a similarly detailed breakdown of the devices are most receptive to your client’s messaging.

Client Reporting Team Discussion.

Wrk has a solution for you

From there, our solution helps compile this intricate body of data and translate it into helpful and relevant data. The automation solution from Wrk sorts through all the data and pulls out the most important metrics. This allows you to present them to your client concisely and consistently. 

Wrk's solution can set up automated client reports on a regular basis, whether you want them weekly or monthly. This ensures that your client can stay up-to-date with customer product reviews, brand performance and awareness, and changing trends. Consistent client reports show how their company's performance and customer success change over time.

Overall, if you want to improve customer success and satisfaction, it's a good idea to use automated client reporting. This one easy change can make a world of difference to your day-to-day and overall customer communication strategy.

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