If you ask a copywriter if their job is hard, they will likely and humbly say that the hardest part is making sure your client or employee is happy. We like to think good copy is hard to come by, and honestly, it can be. But if you ask an employer or client what it’s like to have bad copy, they'll eventually break down the cost and time lost. Like most AI and business automation, AI copywriting automation wasn't made to do things independently. Instead, it was made to help a great copywriter do even better work and do it on a larger scale. 

Two things will hold you back from scaling your copy: using only automation or human skill. In both cases, you can get lucky and find the right copywriter to do it all, but when you want to scale, they burn out or feel underappreciated. You could also make the mistake of thinking that all you need is AI copywriting automation. Without a human to work with, edit, and learn from the written information and the copy created, you risk generating bad and ineffective copy. 

Let’s talk about copywriting with automation and how to add it to your content marketing strategy.

What is AI copywriting, and how does it work?

As digital marketing grows, businesses have had to turn to AI to automate some of their processes to keep up. In short, AI copywriting shouldn't be seen as a replacement for copywriters or content creators. Instead, it should be seen as a way to help them do their jobs more efficiently. Much like content creation, it starts with a brief. You'll get a briefing on machine learning, which is what makes AI and automation work. 

First, you must identify the content type you need and who you’re writing for. Then you set those parameters for the AI tool to follow. Once all the instructions are programmed (no knowledge of code is required), the copy will be turned into something plagiarism-free, created with existing information found on the internet. They do what copywriters do, just faster. 

So why keep copywriters on staff? 

Well, hold on now. AI copywriting isn’t some miraculous solution to all your problems. AI copywriting can create good copy. It can create ads that resonate with a designated audience. Some ads have even seen a 15% increase in conversion rates when using AI. 

While these results are amazing, you should by no means rely solely on your AI copywriting tools. Use them simply as a starting point. You should always add your own flair. Add your tone and the voice specific to you or your company’s brand. This can only be done by a human. And not just any person, but the one you've picked to represent your brand well—your employee. 

Why your job is still safe 

If you’re a copywriter, then you’re a busy copywriter. The demand is high for quality content. With more demands and multiple deadlines, it would make a lot of sense to take on some help. AI copywriting tools are just that. They take on the brunt of your research. They can find information quickly and efficiently while you work on the details. 

If you’re a general marketer with many different tasks, and copywriting is only a small part of them, even more reason to look for the best tool for you. 

What can’t AI copywriting tools do?

Of course, like all digital marketing tools, AI copywriting has limitations. AI tools, as we mentioned, can create good copy. But most prefer to have great copy available. With content saturation in different markets, standing out from the crowd is more important than ever. And good copy likely won’t cut it. 

What else can’t it do? 


AI copywriting tools can create new copy, and tons of it. But the issue they will run into is that they get copies from different sources. Copy that must already exist. This means that although there will be no plagiarism, it won’t be considered original. 

Slang or branded terms.

Because of the source of copy and research, the tools won’t be able to pick up your essence. Slang, terms used solely by your company, and different spellings will go undetected by the tools. They don’t "think," so they won’t know the difference between a unique way of spelling your name and a typo. 

Human emotions.

Emotions matter in marketing. To really reach people, you need to know how they act and what makes them tick. How can you offer solutions to something you don’t understand? 

The bottom line is that the tool is secondary to you and the skillset you have to offer. You can detect errors and make modifications to make sure you stand out. So what’s the final takeaway? You’re still irreplaceable, but you’ll be much better (and less burned out) if you enlist the help of an AI copywriting tool. 

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