Facebook is a bit of a hidden advertising gem when compared to other platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. However, because Facebook has so many users, it has the highest advertising potential. More specifically, because Facebook has about 2.9 billion users around the globe, you have access to a massive audience for your brand when advertising on Facebook. So the answer to the question "Can advertising on Facebook damage your brand?" is NO—but only if done correctly.

What do we mean by 'done correctly?" Read on to learn whether Facebook is right for your business and how to extend your marketing messages successfully on the platform.

Make sure you're a good match for Facebook ads

Like all market research, you should learn more about your audience and target where they hang out most online.

Statista suggests the most active demographic on Facebook is men aged 25 to 34. While many younger people are still using Facebook, there's also evidence of growth among users in the 65 and older range.

Regarding where people use Facebook the most, Asia-Pacific leads with 806 million logins in the last quarter of 2021. Europe was second at 309 million, followed by the U.S. and Canada, with a combined 195 million logins.

This number doesn't indicate that Facebook is not enormously popular in the U.S.: nearly 70% of adults in the country are using it, second only to YouTube at 80%.

Optimize your Facebook ads for your audience

So, you've figured out that many millennials are looking at your products and services, making them a large demographic to target on Facebook.

So now what? You should create Facebook ads that speak directly to them. Effective ads are an essential part of your overall brand management. You don't have to make each version manually—our Advertisement Versioning Wrkflow can configure your ads to work best on every platform.

When creating Facebook ads using Facebook Manager, you'll need to choose your ad objective—raising awareness as part of your brand management or generating leads. There are automated tools you can use to qualify leads, such as our Automated Prospecting Wrkflow. You can also collect leads from your social media engagement using our List Building Wrkflow.

Be sure to narrow down the reach to your target demographics. Contrary to what you might think, it could cost more to target a specific group rather than casting a wide net. However, if that means reaching more people likely to buy from you, it's worth it.

Valuable tips for better audience reach:

Find out when the best time of year is to advertise to your target audience. Significant dates vary by country, and costs can fluctuate during these peak times.

• The time of day is also an important consideration. About 50% of Facebook users check the site several times a day. Still, regardless of the timezone, midnight to 6 a.m. sees the lowest traffic.

• Check how much competition there is in your industry. Certain industries, such as fashion, automotive, and hospitality, use Facebook ads the most. This usage could increase the price per click if there is more competition for the same audience.

 Raising your bid could increase your Facebook ads success rate in terms of reaching a wider audience.

• If you're not reaching the right audience, make sure you're also narrowing down your audience through Facebook Manager based on lifestyle.

Benefits of Facebook ads vs. the other big social media platforms

The most significant benefit of Facebook ads is their reach, with nearly 3 billion active users. So it's no surprise that 40% of marketers report the highest return on investment (ROI) from Facebook ads.

When using Facebook ads, you can specify where to target customers, whether in their news feed or via Messenger, as examples. You can also segment your audience by online behavior and demographics, making it more likely to reach someone who will become a customer. If you already have an identified audience, you can create a Lookalike Audience using Facebook Manager to find more customers with the same details. 

Keep in mind that Instagram, with a billion or so active monthly users, is under the same parent company as Facebook. That means while posting Facebook ads, you can run them simultaneously on Instagram using Facebook manager. As a bonus, Instagram ranked #2 in the ROI survey.

Ads on Facebook and Instagram are video-friendly—72% of customers prefer video ads to static text ads!

Facebook Ads Versus Twitter and LinkedIn

While Twitter post engagement is solid—up to 3%, compared to 0.29% or lower on Facebook—the cost per average of 1,000 impressions (CPM) may be considerably more when advertising your business on Twitter.

Because LinkedIn has a primarily professional audience may be a better option than Facebook for B2B lead growth. Users on LinkedIn share many details, including job titles and salary, which could help with your targeted campaigns.

However, because many people use Facebook for fun, it may have the edge regarding B2C sales. It also has a larger audience than LinkedIn, which could reduce pay-per-click rates.

All three platforms can be highly effective if your marketing team is skilled and they partner with Wrk's hybrid delivery platform.

The Rule in Advertising

Remember that the golden rule for where to advertise (and thus help your brand management) is to meet your audiences where they are. Trying to market to a specific demographic on one platform may not work on another. It all depends on your parameters.

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