Sales reps only spend about 36% of their time selling and 65% on everything that isn’t directly tied to achieving revenue goals. This includes repetitive admin tasks like sorting through leads and managing duplicate data. While we’ve discussed sales processes that can be simplified with automation and some of the newest digital transformation trends in sales, we have yet to explore some unexpected benefits of sales automation. 

Sales automation can streamline various monotonous and time-consuming processes, but it can also benefit your Sales team and your bottom line by optimizing your conversion funnel. Read on as we share some of the unexpected benefits of sales automation!

1. Streamline communication

Internal collaboration between different teams across your company is crucial to ensure sales teams can communicate information effectively and swiftly. 

Automation can track and maintain communication, and ensure your employees across departments are aware of exactly where a lead is in the conversion funnel so they can determine the best way to target and convert them. 

Your team is probably spending a lot of time manually inputting information into CRM software, going back and forth with clients to set up meeting times, and messaging teams in other departments to inform and inquire about updates. The good news is that automation and the Wrk platform can do all this for you. Automated app integrations can organize your lead list and automatically find the next available meeting time on calendars so that communication and collaboration is swift.

Additionally, with automated Lead Management, you can attract, enrich, prioritize, and share leads with your Sales team quickly so they can work on hitting their conversion goals. 

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2. Personalize the customer journey

Have your leads gone cold? Or maybe your team is trying to come up with additional unique solutions to offer your clients, but they can’t find the time to develop the right strategy. Either way, automation can help your Sales team re-engage prospective and current clients, starting with targeted, personalized email marketing campaigns. 

Personalized marketing is more effective than you might think. The average email open rate is 20%, but emails with personalized subject lines generate 50% higher open rates. The problem is that it can typically take a lot of time to create tailored email campaigns. Enter automation, which makes this process a breeze and provides your emails with that personal touch. Our Personalized Email Marketing Wrkflows can help with that. 

Our platform can also help your team create unique sales decks to re-engage current clients and offer them new solutions. This will ensure your clients feel heard and understood, resulting in additional sales and enhanced customer loyalty. 

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3. Prevent and reduce customer churn

As we’ve mentioned, customers want to feel heard and valued. If they have a bad experience, they will likely seek an alternative. This is why the onboarding process is crucial. After clients are welcomed properly to your company or services, client check-ins are important to ensure the onboarding process has been smooth. 

But as we’ve noted, your Sales team has much to consider, and sometimes things can slip through the cracks. With automation, customers can be safe knowing that they and their needs are top of mind. Simply set automated reminders and even schedule automated, personalized check-in emails to go out to your current clients at set intervals to stay on top of any issues that may arise. 

4. Decrease response time

Responding to leads quickly is critical. 50% of leads will work with the organization that responds to their queries first. And sadly, 55% of companies take over 5 days to respond to a new lead. Don’t let this happen to you. 

Automation can assign your leads to a sales rep right away and even score them in order to identify which leads are most likely to convert. This, in turn, allows you to decrease your response time and keep you ahead of the competition by ensuring customers know what you have to offer before anyone else.

5. Close deals faster

Ultimately, these benefits of sales automation will help your team close deals faster. With streamlined communication, personalized customer journeys, lower customer churn, and decreased response times, it stands to reason that you’ll be able to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Finally, any alternative will result in lost time, efficiency, and productivity to manual and repetitive tasks that will keep your team from achieving their ambitious sales targets. 

Unlock the benefits of sales automation today 

Now that you know the different benefits of sales automation, it’s vital for you to get started as soon as possible so you can start hitting your goals and increasing your revenue. 

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