RevOps, which stands for "Revenue Operations," has become a good way for businesses to improve the customer experience and increase revenue opportunities. To successfully go through a digital transformation and stay ahead of the competition in this day and age, you need to use a RevOps framework. According to Garner, Inc., by 2025, 75% of the highest-growth companies will be using a RevOps model, and that's no coincidence. 

But what is RevOps, and what are the best practices for integrating this more holistic framework into your business? To answer the first question, "RevOps" means that departments that affect revenue, like Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success, are working together. RevOps aims to connect these three departments so they can easily talk to each other. And to ensure everyone is on the same page, break down data silos that get in the way and improve the customer lifecycle so revenue keeps growing.

The rise of RevOps is closely linked to automation tools like Wrk that make it possible. In other words, RevOps teams rely on automation platforms to align Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success processes and progress the business' digital transformation. Let's take a closer look at how automation is vital and beneficial to RevOps. 

Why Automation and RevOps go Hand-in-Hand

The benefits of aligning Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success are abundant, so why is RevOps such a recent phenomenon? In large part, it's due to the challenges of keeping all three teams on the same page. Think about the time it would take to constantly check in with different departments in person, over the phone, or even by email: You'd never get anything done. On the other hand, business automation has made RevOps more efficient than the alternative. 

The following statistics show how quickly RevOps is growing as a business strategy. Revenue operations were used by 48% of companies in 2022. This new statistic marks a 15% increase from 2021, while another 11% plan to introduce the framework in 2023.

Automation drives RevOps by syncing data from different departments, keeping your CRM up to date, and even taking care of several time-consuming tasks. The entire process culminates in three distinct benefits: 

  • Saved time and resources across RevOps teams

  • Better strategy and goal alignment within your organization

  • A revenue-generating approach that puts the customer first

Automation ultimately empowers your teams. It gives them the tools to stay on the same page, access consistent and up-to-date data, and enhance the overall customer experience. And as any businessperson will know, all these contribute to a better bottom line.

RevOps Processes Ripe for Automation

Now that we've seen how automation paves the way for RevOps solutions, we can dive into the "how" behind the Wrk Automation Platform. It aims to transform and strengthen the processes of the marketing, Sales, and customer success teams. We designed our customizable Wrkflows to automate various business processes and seamlessly integrate with your existing solutions. All of this without the need for any coding or IT expertise. It's an accessible way to accelerate your digital transformation and unify your RevOps teams. 

Here are the processes that can benefit most from RevOps automation:

Lead Management

Lead management is a time-consuming but essential part of RevOps, mainly Marketing and Sales. When it comes to your lead management process, there must always be a fresh stream of high-quality leads. It's also crucial that each lead goes through a personalized and considerate conversion journey.

Our lead management Wrkflows support your RevOps teams by enhancing and streamlining these processes. For example, our Lead Generation Wrkflows can find and import leads from various sources—whether a potential client has engaged on social media or a contact from an event. Not only will your lead lists remain abundant, but with our Lead Enrichment Wrkflow, they will also be chock-full of rich data. By getting essential lead data from places like Crunchbase and LinkedIn, your RevOps teams will have more time to build strong relationships with prospects. Finally, our Lead Nurturing Wrkflow helps your team prioritize the warmest leads and automate customized lead communications.

Read more about how to use our Lead Enrichment Wrkflow here.

Wrkflows for Lead Management:

Client Onboarding

Once leads have been sufficiently nurtured and have reached the end of their journey, it's time to close the deal and initiate the Client Onboarding process. With a RevOps strategy, the change from lead to client should go smoothly, with new customers feeling supported and engaged the entire way. 

The Wrk Platform can automate several elements to ease the final lead conversion and customer onboarding processes. With our Quote & Proposal Development Wrkflow, your Sales team can efficiently generate and share custom quotes, accelerating contract signing and deal closing. From there, our Client Onboarding Wrkflow helps your Customer Success team make a good impression with automated welcome messages, meeting scheduling, and account setup instructions. Client data is kept up-to-date and synced across all departments with the Centralize Customer Data Wrkflow. Ultimately, our automated tools help your Customer Success team provide an authentic and personalized onboarding experience that sets the stage for a good relationship with the customer.

Wrkflow for Client Onboarding:

  • Client Welcome Swag

Account Planning

Of course, lead management and customer onboarding are only part of the equation in RevOps. Once leads have been turned into clients, keeping healthy, long-term relationships with them is just as important. After all, you are much more likely to sell to an existing client (60-70%) than a new one (5-20%). That's where Account Planning comes in. 

Account Planning is effectively a way of learning about your existing clients and gaining more significant insights into their decision-making, market position, and goals. With this information, your RevOps teams can meet client expectations and even go above and beyond by thinking about what clients will need in the future. Account Planning is multifaceted and fits into broader customer retention strategies. Wrk offers several Wrkflows to improve customer relationships and enhance customer success.

Our Account Planning Wrkflow ensures that client contracts, employee growth, and funding data are always up-to-date in your CRM. This transparency enables your RevOps teams to know when upsell opportunities arise. Our Customer Growth & Retention Wrkflow gathers customer feedback so clients can tailor their future business decisions. We designed our Product Updates Wrkflow to keep your clients up-to-date on upgrades and new products and services that can benefit them. In turn, the Wrkflow can provide your business with recurring revenue.

Wrkflows for Account Planning:

  • Account Planning


Reporting is an essential part of Revenue Operations. For one, campaign reporting allows Marketing teams to understand the impact of their strategies and informs future campaigns based on performance metrics. Client reporting is vital in forming long-term relationships with clients because it shows how your product or service can help them reach their goals. But reporting is also time-consuming. Manually finding and processing the necessary data for a report takes time and can be prone to human error.

With our reporting Wrkflows, your RevOps teams can dramatically simplify the process. Our Campaign Reporting Wrkflow collects and parses relevant marketing data and transforms it into digestible graphs and charts. Your Marketing team can then use the time saved to implement these insights and improve future marketing materials. In the Customer Success realm, our Client Reporting Wrkflow aggregates customer data from Zendesk and other sources and generates handy reports to share with your clients, whether weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Ultimately, the point is to spend less time finding and inputting numbers and more time putting KPIs into action.

Wrkflows for Reporting:

  • Campaign Reporting

Read more in our RevOps Ebook here.

Automating RevOps with Wrk

Wrk is here to support your business through its digital transformation. With our automation platform, which is easy to set up and use, you can dramatically speed up and simplify the transition and get the most out of a RevOps framework. 

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