Suppose you thought the previous list of automatable tasks was impressive. In that case, we've got good news for you: the automation possibilities don't stop there. Let's look at 15 more time-consuming chores ready to be handed off to automation software!

  • Document Generation

Automate document creation using templates and data merging tools like PandaDoc or WebMerge, which can generate contracts, proposals, and other files without manual effort.

  • Email Filtering & Organization

Set up rules in your email client to automatically sort incoming messages into specific folders or categories based on sender information or keywords within the emails themselves.

  • Customer Support Ticketing

Speed up response times by implementing a customer support ticketing system with built-in AI capabilities that automatically prioritize inquiries and route them to the appropriate team member.

  • Meeting Notes Transcription

Utilize transcription services like that convert recorded meeting audio into accurate text documents so you can focus on discussing important topics rather than typing notes during meetings.

  • Inventory Management

Keep track of stock levels in real-time through inventory management systems that alert you when supplies run low or trigger automatic reorders when necessary.

  • Data Entry & Validation

Employ Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software like UiPath or Blue Prism to input data from various sources while checking for accuracy and consistency before saving it in databases or spreadsheets.

  • Report Creation & Distribution

Generate custom reports automatically at regular intervals using reporting tools such as Google Data Studio, then distribute these reports via email or shareable links without manual intervention.

  • Invoice Processing

Simplify invoice processing through accounting automation solutions like QuickBooks Online Advanced, which offers features such as batch invoicing and automatic payment reminders.

  • CRM Data Management

Keep your customer relationship management (CRM) data accurate and up-to-date using automation tools that detect duplicate records, missing information, or inconsistencies within the database.

  • Competitive Analysis

Automate competitive analysis by setting up alerts in tools like SEMrush or Google Alerts to monitor competitors' activities, such as new blog posts, product releases, or marketing campaigns, keeping you informed with minimal effort.

  • Event Registration & Attendance Tracking

Implement event management software like Eventbrite that automatically collects registration details and tracks attendance for conferences, workshops, webinars, etc., while streamlining communication with attendees.

  • File Backup & Synchronization

Ensure your essential files are always secure and accessible by automating file backup and synchronization processes using cloud-based storage services like Dropbox Business or Box Enterprise.

  • Password Management

Use password managers such as LastPass to store login credentials securely while ensuring timely security patches updates across all devices through centralized IT management software solutions.

  • Customer Surveys & Feedback Collection

Design automated feedback loops through online survey tools like SurveyMonkey or Typeform that send out customer satisfaction surveys after specific interactions (e.g., support tickets closed) without manual input from staff members

  • Website Monitoring & Maintenance

Set up website monitoring systems like UptimeRobot to check for site downtime automatically; when issues arise, receive immediate notifications so you can address them quickly before they escalate into larger problems.

Reclaim Your Time Through Automation

Whether it's sales, marketing, HR, or other departments within your organization, the opportunities for streamlining processes are virtually limitless. With so many tools available today to assist with automating these tasks—and new ones being developed all the time—businesses of all sizes stand to benefit from this technological revolution!

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