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Starter Pack > Google Sheets

Add columns and rows of data to a Google Sheet

Automate the creation, manipulation, and editing of Google Sheets using Wrk's expansive library of Google Sheets Wrk Actions.

$0.005 / entry

Use Cases

Use this very versatile wrkflow to automate the creation, manipulation, or editing of live Google Sheets.

  • Sales commission tracker per rep
    Automatically build a custom commission tracker and add a new sheet for every new rep you hire by adding columns to match your sales commission process and rows to match each deal they sell.

  • Client-specific marketing lead performance report
    Automatically generate weekly marketing campaign performance reports by adding columns that match the metrics your clients want tracked and rows populated directly from the platforms their results come from.

  • Invoice tracking per department
    Automatically generate invoice tracking sheets either for individual departments or across departments by standardizing the columns for each report and automatically inputting invoice data in each row from each source.

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How to use this Wrkflow

  1. Click on   Use Wrkflow   to add this template to your account

  2. From your dashboard, click on the Wrkflow to customize it

  3. Add as many "Add column in Google Sheets" Wrk Actions as there are columns, and configure each one.

  4. Add as many "Add row of data in Google Sheets" Wrk Actions as there are rows of data, and configure each one or connect it to a Wrk Action that gets the data from its original source.

Use Wrkflow

Launch Configuration

Click on the Rocket icon to dynamically populate fields for your wrkflow launch when it launches.

Use Wrkflow

Bot Access

In order for the Wrk bots to work with your Google Sheets account, you must share access to the Google sheet with

Use Wrkflow


  • Can only be used with Google Sheets, not Microsoft 365
  • Must provide the full Google Sheets URL including https
  • Column name can only be up to 256 characters long and cannot contain non alphanumeric characters
  • Row data can only be up to 1024 characters long

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